Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Irrational Fears

We all have them and I'm surprised this hasn't been a subject I've discussed yet. I've touched on it briefly before and maybe it's not the best idea to have all my fears out there, but oh well. I have a weird mix of irrational and completely rational fears, this probably isn't a comprehensive list but just what I can think of off the top of my head right now. At least these would be the most pressing fears that I have. I've tried to order this from rational to irrational for you guys here, so here we go!

  • Clowns. This one is fairly normal. I feel like a lot of people have a fear of clowns. The question I have is how can you be so happy all the time. Clowns also go hand in hand with the next fear I have. I believe this started from clowns at birthday parties for me, no reason at all, as a small child I was just not having it and to this day it isn't something I have grown out of. Now it's not a crippling fear, I can be in the same room with a clown, they can even be talking to me, but just know when their attention is on me I'm highly uncomfortable and would like nothing more for them to just leave.
  • Balloons. I think this has to do with clowns, and this definitely comes from the fear of the balloon popping and the loud startling noise. I startle very easily. However this has developed into a fear where I can't be in the same room as balloons being inflated, and even having a balloon touching me freaks me out. Mylar balloons, I'm good with, but any type of latex balloons I really run for the hills when I see them.
  • Fear of falling. Not a fear of heights but of falling. Is there really a difference? I can go up high no problem but don't try and get me close to any edges. This includes glass, railings, anything. If there's any doubt in my mind that I could potentially fall it's not happening. Interestingly enough this includes floating staircases, so the stairs with the space between the steps I have a hard time walking on because the whole time I'm imagining that I can somehow slip through that space and fall.
  • Snakes. Fairly normal fear here too. I think it comes from the way that they move that freaks me out. I also have a distinct memory of going to a park in my elementary school days and almost stepping on a snake. I think that's when the real fear of it started. We were all running through a ditch to look at a rattle snake (ironic, right?) and I nearly step on a snake and every since then me and those guys just don't get along. This kind of goes for all reptiles too, I hate how still they sit and their sudden movements just freak me out.
  • Bones. This is kind of a weird one, but bones sticking out or not where they are suppose to be really freak me out. It's more of disgust than anything. So all those slasher movies full of gore and gross things I can't stand, yet I still have to watch them. Safe to say I will never be a doctor or nurse because I think I would be fired within minutes of being inside a hospital.
  • Butterflies. Probably the strangest fear I have and really no explanation behind this but butterflies just freak me out. I will scream and run the other direction if one of these guys flutter a little too close. On the plus side if you love butterflies come hang out with me because I swear they are like cats, they know I hate them so they always flock to me.
  • Breaking my ankle. Totally random and unlikely but I have this odd fear of breaking my ankle. You'll never see me jumping on unstable terrain (yes this includes beds) or hopping needlessly because every single time I just imagine the worst for my ankle.

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