Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mini Etude House Haul

I had the opportunity to send another wish list to pick me up some Etude House goodies so naturally that resulted in a small haul. Being a member of their rewards program and since it is my birthday month, everything was heavily discounted, I received a birthday pack, AND I was showered with samples! This isn't a huge haul but I thought it would still be fun to share what I got and kind of give a small intro since I fully intend on reviewing these products that I picked up!

 Silk Scarf Hair Treatment. The first thing on my wishlist was this hair treatment! If you remember I previous did a review on the hair moist pack and I wasn't a fan. After reading a few other reviews I realized that seemed to be the general consensus for that product however almost everyone did then recommend this product from the same line as something amazing. I'm excited to try this out and see how it compares and you can definitely keep your eyes peeled for a review!
 Silky Perfumed Treatment. While picking up the other hair treatment, this product was highly recommended by the staff there so naturally it was something else that got purchased for me. I have no insight into this product at all so I will need to do some research before using it but just doing a preliminary sniff test I'm finding that it is a lot less floral in smell which I like. My one gripes about Asian beauty is their tendency to go for floral scents which I'm not crazy about at all. Look out for this review too!
 Drawing Eye Brow. What's a trip to Etude House without another handful of my favorite brow liner. I've talked about this so many times but everything from the color, shape and bonus spoolee make it such a great product that I'm constantly stocked up on since I go through these pencils like crazy using them everyday.
 Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear. This was an interesting product I spotted on the website that I just had to try out. As far as I understand it is a clear gel that is used to "melt" away oil on your face. You apply it to your skin where there is oil and wait 1-3 minutes then blot off with tissue. It can be used on skin with or without makeup and it shouldn't take off the makeup. It makes me think of an oil blotting sheet so I'm interested in testing it out to see how it performs! Again keep your eyes peeled for a review.

And now we get into all the samples!
Pure Water Baobab Moisturizer
Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil
Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
First package has these three items. These are very good travel packets that cover the basics. The only thing I've tried is the cleansing foam from a previous sample and it's a pretty solid cleanser. A little gritty for the exfoliation power while still being creamy.
Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF 50+
A whole bunch of packets of SPF. Not something I frequently use but I know plenty of people will enjoy these small sample packets that would be great to stash in bags for on the go touch ups.
Tea Tree Sheet Mask. I've gotten this sheet mask before, I believe also as a sample the last time I went to the store and I was a fan. It fit my face well and smelled nice so I have no complaints about getting another one.
Pure Baobab 3 Step Care. A sample packet of three products, the cleansing foam, moist toner, and mild lotion from this line. Another good thing to have for travel since you can just use it and be done with it.
Wonder Pore Clear Kit. I actually have this kit and haven't gotten a chance to even open yet! This time around I did and found that it comes with a deep foaming cleanser and freshner that are suppose to be good for deep cleaning pores. I'm assuming the freshner is a toner but I'll have to look it up.
 Zerbo Sebum 2 Step. I'm glad I got this sample, it has the same white sebum clear I did buy as well as the all day matte gel which was another product I was eyeing. I wanted to try one thing out first before committing to a whole bunch of the products from their line so this is a great chance for me to try out something else!
Precious Mineral BB Cream Samples. This seems to be BB cream samples that are suppose to address different skin ailments. I'll need to do some research but I'm not too excited about this, but I'll still test them out.
AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser. I actually think I used this cleanser before but I didn't know it was an Etude House product! If so it wasn't that impressive of a product, but I'll never turn down foil packets of cleansers, again, best thing ever to travel with.
Wonder Pore Tightening Essence. Pore tightening! Sign me up! I know it's a myth but I'll still try it out and report back in my empties how it worked out.

Finally this is the Birthday Pack and it was just stuffed full of various things! The most notable is that big bottle at the top which is an empty container with one of those press pumps. I'm so excited for this and fully intend to pour a toner into this because I love this design where you can just fit a cotton round over to dispense the product so I will be taking the toners that are a pour out version and putting it into this instead!
Moisture & Soothing Kit. This came with two products, a sleeping pack and a aloe soothing gel. I'm excited to use both, but I thought it was strange to put products from two different lines into one sample kit!
Precious Mineral BB Cream. The giant trio set of the packets I received above. I stand by what I said earlier I'll probably use them but just not the best thing for me to get.
Precious Mineral Any Cushion. A teeny tiny pot of powder! How cute! This color definitely doesn't work for me right now but once I'm a little more pale in winter I will test it out and see.
White Moistfull Mela Perfect Serum. A whitening serum, a billion packets of it. I'll use one or two but I think most of these will be shared!

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