Monday, September 14, 2015

NotW Hall of Fame

We're approaching week 52 of Nail of the Week meaning I've been documenting a year worth of manicures! It's already past the year milestone because there were a few Mondays that were missed in favor of favorites or other topics, but from my labeling, next week it will be "a full year". I thought it would be fun to take the time on this Monday to revisit some of my favorite manicures. Moving forward I kind of want to recreate some of these manicures and make a comparison to see how my technique has improved, or what it would look like using different colors. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order, of my nails from this year.
Week #1: Essie Fashion Playground & Hide and Go Chic
May 5th, it has been way past a year to get to the 52nd week! It's worth mentioning my very first NotW also because now I want to do a similar pattern. I've forgotten I've even done this and forgot how chic it looked. This would have been perfect for summer with a hot pink and orange colors but I think it will be just as nice for winter with a burgundy and deep purple take on it. Such an easy manicure that can look so different and unique.

Week #47: Tribal Print
Something a little more recent and i'm still fully impressed with. First of all, this rose gold base was fabulous with work with and the stickers to make this pattern was a cinch. I want to take this pattern and run with it for something more elaborate, possibly more lines. Without a doubt this exact manicure will be duplicated because it was one of my favorites that I didn't properly take care of with a top coat so it lasted only a few days. Even with my shaky hands it looked pretty professional!

Week #23: Snowman Nails
Another adorable manicure that I will be recreating this year. I almost forgot about this guy and am thoroughly impressed with how they turned out. I would figure out a better way of doing the "snow" that the snowman is sitting on because that's not too pretty but look forward to this guy again.

Week #2: Watercolor Manicure
One of my first designs and one that I will also be a huge fan of. This one is definitely worth a revisit to figure out how to do it without all the air bubbles. Since then I've also acquired a better white nail polish that will be a better base so one of these days I will do this one again!

Week #25: NYE Manicure
This was a very fun one with the low key new years I celebrated, but this is also a perfect Vegas manicure. Everything about this was perfection, the colors, the design, the glitter overlay. There isn't much I would change except I could see this being great by swapping out the gold for silver and using a blue glitter over it. Something to think about this year.

Week #29: Simple Heart Manicure
Why don't I do red nails more often?! This was a neat little manicure I put together in honor of Valentin'es Day and I must say I did a pretty good job free-handing the hearts, especially the white ones. It's adorable and I want to try this again with maybe some metallic hearts to make it less seasonal.

Week #40: Peach & Metallic
Such a simple manicure but it just looks so good! This is easy to duplicate and I can think of a range of colors that would look good. Also let's comment on how good my nails look! Look at how long that thumb nail is and how nicely shaped they are.

Week #10: Glitter French
How did I even forget about this manicure! It's such an easy thing to do and it looks so chic and beautiful. Without a doubt I will be doing this manicure again, in fact they are worth a revisit for some birthday nails. Something simple yet flashy that will go with just about anything.

Week #36: Neon Black Nails
These nails were gorgeous and not nearly as difficult to do as I thought. The biggest improvement would be to use better tape and to visualize the pattern better beforehand. Some nails turned out fabulous and others just didn't have enough black. Also the lines weren't that sharp at all. Overall it was a snazzy manicure that received a lot of compliments but I'm looking forward to doing it even better next time.

Week #5: Red, White, and Blue Manicure
Just colors and dots, this was a fun out for 4th of July and can easily be translated to any time of the year. Pick some colors that match and slap on a dot to make it more interesting and there you go. Here is another week where we admire how nice my nails look, so long and perfectly and shaped.

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