Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where's my Beauteque?

I try to avoid talking badly about any company but this has been the second month where this has happened to me and I'm just getting frustrated. A mixture between that and the fact that this month has been so busy I find myself the day before my unboxing post was suppose to go up and with no bag in sight I have no other ideas so here we are.

The Beauteque Mask Maven was one of my favorite subscriptions but as of late it's quickly dropped from the list. Unfortunately I purchased a year subscription not foreseeing that there would be some complications so I'm kind of stuck. It started last month when I received an email announcing that changes were coming. They said moving forward they would ship their bags in two batches and those who subscribed after a certain date would get it later. Now I had already been a member so I assumed it wouldn't affect me at all. Last month I received my shipping notification when I usually do but then it took almost 3 weeks for the bag to arrive to me. I received it on the last day of the month and thus it pushed my unboxing post to the beginning of this month instead.

Fast forward to now, the second to last day of the month and I have received no email or bag. I've seen that people have received them so it's just frustrating me now. On the website it says to contact if you don't receive it by the end of the month so I'm patiently waiting for that because this is ridiculous. I wonder if I can cancel and get refunded my money back but I highly doubt that. Until this gets sorted out I think it's safe to say I will be removing the unboxing posts from this blog because I just can't count on it coming in a timely fashion nor do I want to publicly support a company that is giving me such a hard time right now.

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