Friday, October 2, 2015

Fitness Friday!

So how did September go? A lot better than the other months but in the end I still didn't finish out my challenge. This time it was the last week where I just fell off the wagon and failed so I'm getting a lot closer here! There were also days this month where I missed a day but I would just double up on the next day and catch up so I count that as a win since I was a lot more motivated to do the challenges. My thoughts on Blogilates though, wow her voice is annoying. Between her shrill screams, grunts, and commentary I wanted to rip my hair out over them. However I did like they were all short workouts that I really felt afterwards so they were easy to fit into my schedule, as well as they didn't require equipment which was nice.

I'm finding this make your own schedule thing is my best bet, I'm more likely to complete something that I create myself with my own life in mind. I'm going to keep making these up until I successfully complete one of these! This month we are going to try out Amanda Russell who seems to have a lot of shorter videos so things I'm able to manage. This time around I'm giving myself two days off each week so let's see how I do! Here's the schedule to follow along if you would like, I actually had yesterday be a rest day so you can follow me from the start.

Thursday, October 1st | REST
Friday, October 2nd | Outer Thigh
Saturday, October 3rd | Hip & Butt
Sunday, October 4th | REST
Monday, October 5th | Inner Thigh
Tuesday, October 6th | REST
Wednesday, October 7th | Outer Thigh
Thursday, October 8th | Arms
Friday, October 9th | Hip & Butt
Saturday, October 10th | REST
Sunday, October 11th | Inner Thigh
Monday, October 12th | Abs
Tuesday, October 13th | REST
Wednesday, October 14th | Total Body
Thursday, October 15th | Hip & Butt
Friday, October 16th | Abs
Saturday, October 17th | Inner Thigh
Sunday, October 18th | REST
Monday, October 19th | Arms
Tuesday, October 20th | REST
Wednesday, October 21st | Total Body
Thursday, October 22nd | Hip & Butt
Friday, October 23rd | Outer Thigh
Saturday, October 24th | Abs
Sunday, October 25th | REST
Monday, October 26th | Inner Thigh
Tuesday, October 27th | REST
Wednesday, October 28th | Hip & Butt
Thursday, October 29th | Outer Thigh
Friday, October 30th | Arms
Saturday, October 31st | REST

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