Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Clarisonic Story

I fully intended on making this a Clarisonic review but then the more I wrote the post the more it just turned into sharing my experience with it. Now I'm sure someone will still find the review worth of this post but in the end I had to circle back to write this little note at the beginning. Roughly a month ago I purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 and this is my one month story/experience with it. I'm going to outline dates as I noticed changes and give my final thoughts on the product at the end so stay tuned!

A little background story about my skin. Sprinkled throughout this blog you've gotten samples of what my skin is like. The overall condition of it is that it's combination leaning a little more towards oily, acne prone, and I have some seriously large and clogged pores. I always seem to have a constant sprinkle of acne, usually they are small but numerous, so you don't see them but you feel them. I wouldn't ever say my skin is smooth, there may be small patches here and there but it is stricken with blemishes and scarring.

I've been wanting a Clarisonic for awhile, no exfoliants or brushes or sponges seemed to help improve the texture of my skin nor really get down into those pores. They seemed gimmicky and expensive so I was hesitant for so long in picking one up. Finally after saving my Birchbox points for month I earned a $100 credit and took the plunge purchasing a Clarisonic Mia 2 set off the shop. It was a total of $149 so in the end I paid only $49 plus taxes making it a pretty good deal. The kit came with the brush, one sensitive brush head, charger, travel case, and a travel sized tube of their popular cleanser. Even before my Clarisonic arrived I'd already spotted deals on brush heads and I purchased two acne and two deep pore cleansing brushes. That's where they really get you, one single brush head is $20+!

Knowing my skin, I never even bothered with the sensitive brush head and I immediately attached an acne one to the brush. This particular Clarisonic has two speeds, I keep it on the faster/normal speed since I have some tough skin. It also has the pulses that tell you when to move to a different section of your face: 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds around the nose and chin, and 10 second on each cheek. So let's just dive into the timeline of my use.

September 26th
This was my first day using it. I tried a few different cleansers when I started out but in the end settled on a foam cleanser since it delivered the best results. What struck me though was no matter which cleanser I used, afterwards my skin was feeling velvety soft. Right away I noticed that my pores looked smaller which I attributed to the fact that the brush was doing its job getting deep down to pull out all of that gunk.

October 5th
This was when I first started experiencing the purge period in response to using the Clarisonic. Almost everyone goes through one of these phases. The idea is that the brush is providing such a deeper clean that it is drawing all the dirty stuff to the surface so it will cause your skin to just rebel. I started breaking out, it was hundred of tiny pin pricks of pimples that were everywhere. It was heavily concentrated across my forehead, along the jawlines and all the edges of my hairline. It was disgusting to touch my face and just feel all those little bumps. Thankfully they weren't visible at all, it was more feeling it that was disturbing.

October 10th
Following the eruption, it passed within just five days and my skin completely cleared up and become perfectly smooth except for four large pimples that surfaced. There was one on either cheek and then one each on my temples. I like to think that was the last traces of the bad stuff and those guys stuck with me a little longer than the little guys did.

October 12th
I noticed a dramatic increase of oiliness at this point. That's expected since it's a daily stimulation of skin now and much rougher than exfoliating yourself. The oiliness was most noticeable along the forehead, like within a few hours of washing my face that stuff was slick and shiny. I blotted, powdered and just hoped that like the pimples this would be just a phase.

October 16th
Those four large pimples disappeared by this day and then were replaced by two medium sized pimples, one on my chin and one on my jawline. Everywhere else on my face I'm still clear. The pores are looking smaller and overall my skin is smooth and soft.

October 18th
Here was when I came to the realization that maybe the 20 seconds on my forehead was overkill for my skin so I decided to switch it. I have more issues with my cheeks when it comes to pores and acne so I decided to switch by doing 20 seconds on each cheek and then 10 seconds each on my forehead and chin/nose area.

October 21st
Final observations from yesterday. Those two pimples are still there and I feel another one forming on my chin and cheek. Checking the calendar though this is the time for my hormone spike and could account for why these guys are here. In the brief days since I've switched up the length of time in each section I am noticing a small improvement to the oiliness so I think it's almost safe to say that I was overstimulating my forehead to cause the extra oiliness.

Overall I'm having a very positive experience with the Clarisonic. My skin has never felt or looked better and I'm excited to continue using it. The only thing I could do without is the introduction of more sebum to my life but better than then suffering from adult acne! I think this product is definitely worth the money and I'm just kicking myself for not picking one up sooner! It could have saved me from a lot of grief.

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