Monday, October 19, 2015

Nails of the Week #55: Virgin Snow

I'm so busy lately it's hard to find some time to sit down and do my nails. It's a real tragedy. I have a few matte polishes that I'm just dying to try out but I lost my matte top coat and it's not like I can slap my Seche Vite on those nails and just ruin the finish. Nevertheless I'm finding some time to work through my latest nail polish purchases and dreaming of the day when I will have time for some nail art! For now you'll have to endure the boring monotone of my nails.

This week I tried out Essie in Virgin Snow which is part of their new winter collection this year. It's a very pale lavender that surprisingly goes on like a dream. Usually my experience with light colors is that they are streaky so it takes a lot of coats and it just ends up being a hot and thick mess which I end up taking off my nails. This one was perfectly opaque in just two coats! I still need to work on the cleaner cuticles for these light colored polishes so in some areas it isn't too smooth and some of the edges are a little ragged.

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