Monday, October 26, 2015

Nails of the Week #56: Candy Corn Nails

 Semi return of nail art. I'm just so uninspired. Even looking at my inspiration post I compiled awhile ago all the colors and designs just don't scream fall to me. I decided to just Google easy Halloween nails and I started just scrolling through pages looking for inspirations. For awhile I thought I would be doing black nails with little white eyes but then I stumbled across a candy corn design and then it just struck me. This was not easy to do since I chose to do it all free hand and the white was being a little difficult to work with but overall I'm pretty pleased with the finish product.

So for these candy corn inspired nails I used Essie in Private Weekend, POP Beauty in Cute Coral, and Butter London in Cheeky Chops. It's exactly what it looks like, just layers of striped colors on the tips and then a shiny clear coat on top. They're fun and festive and not too over the top, just perfect. I can imagine recreating this look with different colors and also a glitter top coat for something fun, that would be very appropriate for New Years so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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