Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

Today was just one of those days and when I'm saying today I actually mean yesterday, this is confusing. I had every intention of putting together a review for a toner today however when I sat down to do it, it just couldn't make it happen. I wasted at least an hour just trying to string together some words and finally I just had to call it quits. Now I couldn't just put nothing up, so it struck me to just vent out how I'm feeling. Don't let the title scare you, I'm not taking a break on this blog at all, but I just wanted to talk about how things don't always go as planned and that's okay. I'm perfectly entitled to taking a "break".

I push myself really hard, when it comes to this blog, my job, relationships, and just life in general and it's not healthy. Every once in awhile I just reach that breaking point and I just need to slam on the brakes. I can't ever seem to find the happy balance of activities for me as my way of coping is just to keep moving and keep doing things. I'll admit the last few days have been rough for me, almost everything in my life has been challenging my delicate mental balance and today (yesterday) I just had to stop. I couldn't bring myself to write about something lighthearted and basic so it's helpful to be doing this now.

Even as I'm typing this all out, really nothing of significance at all, I just feel a heavy burden lifting. Writing is so great in that it is such a release. It feels good to admit that life is defeating me at the moment and it just gives me such clarity to just keep pushing forward.

This is why there isn't a review about toners today, but instead I got to partake in the therapy that this blog originated as. That is what I love the most about starting this blog, it is purely me, snapshots of my life and thoughts archived in one place for me to visit for years to come. I'm real here, everything put on this blog is lovingly curated and developed and it's the one real piece of joy I have when things are falling apart. I may have few readers, maybe even none at all, but I'm grateful for anyone who even just passes through who take the time to care even a little bit..

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  1. I like posts like this a lot. I appreciate all that you write and am glad you take the time to share yourself in this medium. I hope things look up for you soon. Life is harder than many of us share sometimes and it takes courage to be honest and open. Thank you for your blog.