Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Unboxing: Naturebox September 2015

I wish there was a way to pause this subscription because I have more snacks than I know what to do with right now but the only option I see is cancel subscription. Someone please tell me whether or not it will empty my pantry if I click that button! I still have two months worth of snacks I want to try so I would like to not lose those goodies! Anyways, this is my latest bunch of snacks from Naturebox. This time it actually went in order and I got the first five items in my pantry, that definitely didn't happen last time. They did change the site now and they tell you what snacks you will be getting each month which I kind of don't like, I loved being surprised, but oh well.

Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles
"If you’re a fan of our Mini Belgian Waffles and a lover of chocolate, we’ve got the perfect treat for you! These Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles offer the same cookie-like crunch and a chocolaty-sweet, buttery flavor without the guilt. Experience the authentic taste of Belgian waffles in the comfort of your own home."
Last month I got the original flavor of these Belgian waffles and I loved them. I was excited to see that they came out with a cocoa flavor so it immediately went to the top of the list for me. There's are crunchier than the normal ones so I actual like them better and it's not an overwhelming flavor, two thumbs up!
Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn
"What’ll it be: a little cheesy or a little spicy? Get the best of both worlds in this popped snack! Whole grain popcorn is flavored to cheesy perfection then taken to spicy new heights with jalapeño flakes. We can’t imagine a more satisfying accompaniment to game night at home than tangy white cheddar popcorn with jalapeño heat."
Recently I got addicted to jalapeno popcorn so when I saw that there was jalapeno white cheddar popcorn I had to try it. I love cheese popcorn, it's the perfect savory snack for me. Slightly more satisfying and filling than regular popcorn but still fairly guilt free.
Dark Cocoa Nom Noms
"Back at your desk after lunch and you start craving a small bite, a sweet ending to the meal you just polished off. Slide open your desk drawer, and grab this bag of Nom Noms that you stored away! Rolled oats are sweetened with a touch of honey and taken to new heights with dark chocolate."
A cult classic and finally I got around to them. This one I tried right away and they are delicious, like brownie bites but somewhat good for you! I was just disappointed that the bag only came with five nom noms which I thought was strange, it's more of taste rather than a whole treat.
Guacamole Bites
"You’ve had an early dinner so you feel the snack attack start around 8pm. You don’t normally get into the habit of late-night eating but you figure a few bites won’t hurt. Grab a handful (or two!) of this savory snack with all the flavors of corn crisps and freshly zesty guacamole."
I love corn sticks and I love guacamole, how can these be bad?
Golden Apple Tea Biscuits
"It's 4:00pm and you're ready for afternoon tea. Or maybe it's only 10:00am and it's time for that pre-lunch pick-me-up. In either scenario, help yourself to these golden apple treats. They're decadent but they're bite-sized, so it's easy to portion them into snack-sized servings. Simply add them to your favorite scalloped saucer and serve them with a steaming cup of freshly-brewed green tea."
I was a huge fan of the lemon almond biscottis last month so I wanted to try more of these tea biscuits. I love tea biscuits because they are the perfect snacking size as well as a good mix of just sweet of enough and crunchy. It's a delicious blend of apple, honey and cinnamon and just so delicious!

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