Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall 2015 Nail Polish Picks

Dear nail polish I love you so. Even though recently it doesn't seem that way I must chalk it up to general "life happens" moments, but know that at the end of the day you're still my favorite. Lately I'm finding less and less time to sit down and properly do my nails, I'm not sure what it is really but either way I decided it was high time for one of these seasonal nail polish picks! Last year I did this for every season, as well as just randomly. I don't know if it's because I stopped purchasing nail polish or finding time to casually peruse some colors in stores, something has thrown a wrench into my nail polish addiction. Nevertheless, here I am today with my top 5 nail polish picks for fall!

Orly in Rage. You can never go wrong with a classic rose gold. This color is perfect for the fall, not quite as bright as a silver or gold which is more of a festive tone, but rather the burnished rosy gold of an autumnal sunset. You could also call it the neutral of metallic colors, which sounds quite silly, but it is a great color for fall and looks perfect as an accent color or even all over.
Essie in Toggle to the Top. I may be ahead of the game when it comes to sparkles, but this one is definitely a little muted when it comes to the dazzle. A dark dark red base sprinkled with ruby red glitter throughout, this guy sparkles, but the base color keeps it in check. There's something very Halloween about this color too so it's interesting to know that this actually came from a winter collection!
Julep in Annemarie. I'm really not crazy over Julep but this color is the perfect fall brown. A rich cocoa brown that instantly makes me think of hot chocolate which just now gave me an amazing idea for a manicure! This color is neutral and perfectly muted for transitioning into the darker and gloomier months making it an easy favorite for the season.
Essie in Haute Tub. Not one but two sparkly nail polishes made the list! A black base with an amethyst glitter throughout, this guy is more of just a dark color that catches flashes of purple when the sun hits it just right. It's a great dark nail polish for the season but made more interesting with the occasional shimmer.
butter London in Toff. My old friend just had to make the list and it's an appropriately marsala-y purple color. Time and time again this color pops up again as my favorite because it is just such a great and versatile color.

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