Friday, November 6, 2015

Fitness Friday!

So what happened this month? A whole lot of nothing! That's right, I'm not afraid to admit that I completely failed at the fitness thing, and I can explain! In October, I chose to just Google a random YouTuber for workout videos and without watching a single video I created a whole schedule. Well it turns out that the channel I chose, the videos weren't actually full workouts but they were just demonstrating movements to be incorporated into a workout. I didn't want something where it just showed a single move, I wanted full sets that I could just follow along and do, then be done with it. This is completely my fault and I just chose instead of revising the schedule to go ahead and forego it for the month. Best decision I've made? Probably not, but I'm living with it.

What's happening this month? Again the answer is nothing. November is just packed for me. There's holidays and a whole bunch of changes and I just know that there won't be an opportunity to dedicate myself to a fitness calendar. I'm going to make small changes such as taking the stairs at work (I work the 4th floor) and going for walks during my lunch break but in general there won't be a challenge to follow.

I'm planning ahead though and I think I do want to pick up a schedule again in December and I think I'll go back to doing Blogilates. Her voice was irritating but her workouts were effective for me, short enough to fit into my schedule, and overall I had the most success following her!

As for my eating habits, for about half of this month I did really well! I was eating balanced and large breakfasts followed by salads for lunch and a smaller dinner. I was actually filling up on the salads and it felt good to eat them. However at the end of the month I received some news and that kind of got thrown out the window. This month I'm sticking to the portion control (except for Thanksgiving, can't say no to my favorite holiday!) and I want to get back to drinking 6-8 bottles of water again.

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