Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

One thing that will never get old are this Friday 5 Faves posts! It's been a rough week as evident with a post I made earlier this week yet I always look forward to these monthly posts. There's always a fun hodge podge of things I am currently addicted to, often without any real reason at all. It's been awhile too and I have a new song favorite to share!
  • Rainstorms. El Nino is here and I think the rumors are false! We've been greeted with some lovely rain showers and at last my car is no longer dirt colored! I love the sound of rain on rooftops as I'm falling asleep so this has been very welcome. The smell of the air to so crisp and clean is great too. It's giving me some great opportunities to wear rainboots to work giving me the joy of puddle jumping during lunch. No complaints here!
  • Paradise Bay. I thought Candy Crush was addicting, but no this game is even more addicting to me! From the makers of Candy Crush comes Paradise Bay which is a slightly Farmville-esque game but you're not dependent on having friends in order to play the game. It's an endless cycle of growing crops and making goods in order to trade for money and experience. When you put it that way it sounds silly but there's a lot of satisfaction of completing certain tasks and trades so I'm hooked. I was smart though and only downloaded it on my iPad so it's not like I can access it everywhere I go. It helps limit hours spent playing.
  • Wildest Dream By Taylor Swift. I almost just went and said Taylor Swift was a favorite, I've been really listening to all her songs lately but this song in particular is my obsession. It's on her newest album 1989 and it's just a nice song to listen to. It's most similar to what I would call the old Taylor Swift, lighthearted songs about boys and love. It's just lovely.
  • Boom Chicka Pop. I've watched so many YouTubers talk about this stuff and I finally tried it myself and now I get it. I want to try ALL of the flavors! Right now my favorite is the holiday edition Sugar Cookie one, it's literally frosting and sugar crystals on kettle corn. Slightly concerning that the first ingredient on the list is sugar and not even popcorn but that must be a mistake.
  • The Simpsons. How am I just learning about Simpsons World? I recently got my hands on someone's cable log in information and now I have access to every single Simpsons episode ever aired!! I've watched the most recent seasons as well as some odd episodes from the past but now I'm slowly working my way through the entire series. I didn't even know that the very first episode was a Christmas themed one, how fun is that!

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