Thursday, November 12, 2015

HelloFresh Review

You know me, when something needs to be said I say it. Recently I had an experience with HelloFresh which I just need to share with you guys here. So HelloFresh is one of those cooking subscription box with the premise where you can get a weekly box of meals sent to your house of 3 recipes and all of the ingredients are pre-measured and packaged together. All you need to do is follow the recipe and cook. It comes in huge refrigerated box and all the ingredients are grouped by recipe. You're able to pick out which recipes interest you out of about 7 per week the week beforehand and then you set a delivery date.

I'm not clear about how much it is exactly since I used a Groupon for this deal but it's on par with similar services out here like Plated or Blue Apron. Sounds pretty good right? Well I can tell you it wasn't the easiest service to deal with. Let's start with the good.

I loved the variety of recipes they had and it was pretty easy to pick three recipes that I would enjoy. The portioned out ingredients was great and the clean up was a snap because you could just put all the empty bags and containers into the cardboard box and just toss that out. The recipes themselves were delicious too and none of them took too long to make.

Now for the not so good part of it. So I got the four people plan and it was confusing because the instructions for everything were for two people and it didn't exactly specify that I needed to double all the measurements given. Also at some points the instructions were a little unclear so pictures probably would have helped with a few of the steps. Also I found that if I didn't make the veggie heavy recipes first, the produce would go bad fairly quickly. For one recipe I ended up having to throw away an entire bell pepper and half the green beans included and I only waited about a week before I got to that recipe, I feel like it shouldn't have been that difficult.

The worst part of this experience was actually the site and customer service. Everytime I tried to log into the site it would tell me my password was wrong and I would have to reset the password which could sometimes take up to an hour for that email to arrive in my inbox. They would unexpectedly reschedule delivery without notifying me so I waited an entire day for a shipment once without a plan B for dinner and it never showed up! Then for my final box somehow two identical boxes showed up at my door step one after the other and I was billed for both. It took a lot of arguing without any answers really before they finally agreed to refund me for one of the boxes and I just cancelled my subscription.

In the end I didn't find that the ingredients were all that fresh and the hassle of customer service just makes it not worth it. This isn't a service I would recommend at all! I'm going to give Blue Apron a try next so stay tuned for that review!

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