Monday, November 9, 2015

Nails of the Week #57: Ruby Red Nails

It's a struggle between nail art and learning how to paint my nails nicely so this week I went back to that second one. After surveying my nail polish collection I decided to pick up a polish that I knew I loved but for some reason I only used once. This polish came from the winter collection either last year or the year before and it really is a cool polish. I think I need to do my toes with it because it would be just perfect.

This is Essie in Toggle to the Top which is a beautiful dark dark red nail polish with ruby red glitter throughout it. It makes for quite a lovely and mesmerizing effect. I say I did a pretty good job applying this polish, it looks fairly professional to me! There are some finger around the cuticles where I didn't shape it as nicely but overall I say pretty darn good.

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