Monday, November 23, 2015

Nails of the Week #59: Nude and Dots

It was really hard to top my nails from last week and these are just really bland in comparison. I left that polish on for much too long because I just loved the flowers so much but that means the polish started to flake off meaning it was peeling my nails too. So sadly this week I had to cut my nails quite short to combat that and I feel like the length contributes to the overall blah-ness of this design. Oh well, nails can't be on point all the time.

So I went for a more conservative look this week using a nice neutral color butter London in Yummy Mummy and taking my Color Club Nail Art Duo Pen in White to place dots on each of my fingers. I totally forgot about this pen and it would have made my life SO much easier drawing on flowers but oh well. I actually wanted to also use the black pen too and do alternating dots or something, but that one is either dried up or clogged up, I need to investigate.

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