Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sick Day Essentials

I just love writing relevant posts so when I got deathly sick last week and I found myself sitting here last night, I decided what could be better than to improvise off that and write something about being sick! It was horrible, I'm pretty sure it was the flu because I just felt nauseous and achy the first day with no hint of a cough or runny nose, a false positive the next day where I thought I was better and still went to work but then suddenly it literally felt like I was hit by a truck because my body just shut down and I got a fever. Since then it's been a brief decline and now I'm just blessed with a phlegmy cough and a sore throat but on the mend. Conveniently this happened before Thanksgiving so there's no danger of being stricken for the holiday and the majority of it was during a weekend but nonetheless I've compiled together a short list of my essentials during this trying period.
  • Tea. For some reason water was just not appealing to me but I knew I had to get hydration some way so I turned to tea. It was warm with a hint of flavor and was something I would willingly drink throughout the day to keep me from becoming parched.
  • Honey. Huge spoonfuls of honey into that tea was essential to soothing that sore throat. Maybe water wasn't appealing because it was uncomfortable to swallow but having the honey really helped to coat the throat and soothe it.
  • Cough drops. Sometimes I forget these things exist but I've been sucking these guys down like it's my job. I must say whatever it is that they supply for us at work are just horrible and leave a nasty after taste of I don't even know what but hey it does the job so I really shouldn't be complaining about free.
  • Warm mist humidifier. It's hard to find a warm mist one these days but when it's winter weather this is essential. I tried to use my cool mist one and it made my night miserable because my room just became cold and damp despite the heater. The humidifier pumps the moisture into the air making it a lot more comfortable to breath at night as well as fighting congestion while you sleep. This is especially great to ensure that you don't wake up with an even more sore throat in the morning due to breathing in cold air since it's hard to prevent yourself from breathing through your mouth if your nasal passages get completely obstructed by snot as you sleep.
  • Tea tree or lavender oil. So if you really want to be fancy put a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil into your humidifier for a real spa experience. These are both great to breathe in and open up the airways as well as being very soothing to help you sleep. I would even try mint or eucalyptus.
  • Fuzzy socks. So I talked a lot about sleeping here but when you're just resting up an extra fluffy pair of socks is great. Fevers will make you hot causing you to not want to bundle up in blankets however cold toes are the source of upset stomachs so the perfect answer is a nice pair of soaks to keep those little piggies warm no matter what.
  • Clean sheets. Whenever I'm sick the first thing I like to do is change my sheets. It seems weird since it's like germs however I'm going to stay in bed all the day and I just feel better and more comfortable sleeping on clean sheets. Sure an extra load of laundry but I can live with that.
  • Something to binge watch. There's no way you can just sleep all day, or at least I can't, so something to binge watch is very essential for passing the hours on a sick day.
  • A great candle. Up the ambiance by lighting a great smelling candle. The flickering flame is mesmerizing to watch and it really elevates the warmth of your skin ward.

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