Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Unboxing: Beauteque October 2015

I know, I said I wouldn't be doing unboxings for this anymore but quite a few things happened this week and suddenly I found myself short one blog post. Naturally this bag came in November but it came at the right time this time and I'm able to put together a quick unboxing and save my blogging schedule! I had a whole post about this subscription service so you can check it out there, but otherwise I'm not going to go too much into the service itself and I'm just going to get right into the masks that I got in this bag and my thoughts on each one.

Rainbow L'Affair 3-step Mask Pack Vitamin
Three steps to a dream skin that is nourished with vitamins can be achieved with this pack.
This thing is intense. It comes with a cleanser, an ampoule (kind of like a cross between a toner and serum) as well as a sheet mask that you're suppose to use all at once. Well not all at once, but in three steps. I'm interested to see how this will go!
Beauty Friend Tomato Mask
Tomato can reduce dark spots and help fade acne scars. It can also help control oil.
Skinfood Beauty In A Food Jeju Tangerine Mask
Jeju tangerine peel extract enlivens dull skin. The fruit ingredient also provides hydration.
Tomato is one of those great ingredients for treating discoloration so I fully believe this will help with acne scars. I have quite a few that are slowly fading out so I'm looking forward to using this mask to see if it will help speed the process! I have a serum that is made from Jeju Tanerine that I'm just obsessed with so I don't see how this mask can go wrong.
Esfolio Egg Essence Mask
Mask contains egg yolk extract which will moisturize the skin, and leave it feeling soft.
Skinfood Everyday Facial Yogurt Mask
This mask is rich in essence and will provide deep moisturization. Also softens and improves skin texture.
My egg pore strips are amazing so it will be fun to try this egg mask since egg is very healthy for your skin as well as can provide a tightening effect. Yogurt masks are always great for softening and smooth out skin, they make for great wash off masks so this will be a nice sheet mask.
Skin 9 Panda Honey Elasticity Pack
Honey can fight signs of aging, as well as acne. It keeps skin firm and elasticized.
Skin 9 Super Puppy Whitening Honey Pack
This mask offers the breakout-and wrinkle-fighting properties of honey, as well as brightening effect.
Two honey masks from the same brand! One for elasticity and the other for whitening. I love honey, it's a great acne fighting ingredient so these will both be happily used.
Botanic Farm Green Tea Mask
This mask sheet is infused with green tea extract which soothes the skin and can reduce inflammation.
Mediheal ADE Cocoa Mask
ADE-Raw cacao is an anti-oxidant that helps to fight free radicals. The ingredient also provides hydration to the skin.
Green tea like aloe are great masks to use after sunburns or in general to soothe the skin. I know this isn't exactly chocolate, but cacao is basically chocolate in my book!

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