Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's on my Netflix?

I almost didn't want to do this since I watch some pretty random stuff on Netflix, but then I thought what the heck. I mostly like to use my Netflix to watch short TV shows since they are the perfect things to put on as I'm falling asleep and if I do fall asleep in the middle of an episode it's not hard to figure out where I fell asleep. That being said, here's the comprehensive list of everything I have saved to 'My List' right now on Netflix! I'll try and do a description for each about why it's on my list but honestly just now as I typed it all out, some of these I can't remember what was so appealing about them.

  • Jessie. This Disney Channel show is a guilty pleasure. I loved watching the Suite Life and when they had their spin off for semester at sea it introduced the character Bailey. I've followed that actress over to this show when that ended and she got her own show. It's pretty horrible, even for Disney Channel standards but it's a perfect nighttime watch.
  • Grey's Anatomy. This basically has a permanent home in my list because it is one of my favorite TV series of all times. I plan on watching all the episodes from the beginning at some point so that's why this is there.
  • Master of None. I'm an Aziz Ansari fan so when I saw that Netflix created an original series starring him of course it got added to my list!
  • Legally Blonde. Classic movie, that's all.
  • Legally Blonde 2. Refer to above.
  • Disney Short Films Collection. I found this compilation of Disney short films including the ones about Frozen and Tangled plus Paper Man! I added it with the intention of watching with my mom at some point because she loves Disney just as much as I do.
  • Pants On Fire. Can't remember why, but I think it's a Disney Channel movie so yes I need to watch it.
  • Corpse Bride. A beautiful Tim Burton movie with a tragic ending. I love this movie so it's happily waiting in my queue until I find some time to truly enjoy it.
  • LOST. Another one of those great TV series that I'm meaning to re-watch when I get the time. Just so many questions with no answers, it's great.
  • Coyote Ugly. Classic.
  • Love Actually. My favorite Christmas movie that has a permanent home in my queue because each year I watch it at least once.
  • Bad Hair Day. I think it's a Disney Channel movie?
  • The Journey Home. This seems like a feel good movie that would be cute to watch.
  • Friends. I've seen odd episodes from this series but I've never actually watched them all. I never really got the Friends bug like most people, but now that the entire series is available from start to finish I will find time eventually to watch them all.
  • The Cobbler. This also looks like one of those feel good movies to watch.
  • Ask Me Anything. I have no clue.
  • The Ouija Experiment. I have a thing for really horrible low budget horror films, this seems to fit the ticket.
  • Curious George. This adorable movie with the amazing Jack Johnson soundtrack...enough said.
  • Restless Virgins. Low budget Lifetime Movie...I must watch.
  • Zathura. The space version of Jumanji which I don't think I've ever watched so why not.
  • The Patriot. One of those long movies that everyone talks about...but I never watched.
  • Dreamworks Dragons Race to the Edge. I loved How To Train Your Dragon so I'm slowing enjoying this TV series that Netflix created. It's confusing though since it takes place between the two movies, those who have seen both movies will understand the confusion.
  • Heroes. Another great show. I've been rewatching this series while also watching the reboot. It's confusing since characters will die in the reboot or they will spoil stuff. Not sure why I'm doing this to myself, but too late to turn back now.
  • Devil's Knot. No clue about this one.

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