Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 in Recap & 2016

I know this is a day early but hey, the schedule right? It's never too early to reflect and plan, so just go with it. This has been quite a year. There have been ups and downs but somehow I made it through. Honestly every year is like this, but I'm thankful for this one to be over. There have been some good times. I got to go on my first family vacation in years. Probably not since I was in high school, there hasn't been a time where all four us were able to travel somewhere together. We went to Taiwan during Chinese New Years to celebrate and also to visit family. I was able to go to Las Vegas a few times to meet up with old friends as well as see my sister. I took a trip to Seattle in order to attend a wedding for people I've never met which was surprisingly fun. I've met a great group of people from work and if anything I'm coming out of a job with some great friendships. I've watched more movies then I ever want to admit and experienced my first county fair ever. I got to see fireworks on the 4th and celebrated turning a quarter of a century. These good moments really far outweigh the bad I experienced this year and those are the things I want to remember.
Remember those New Years Goals I made...well a year ago? I'll admit I forgot about them too, so now is a good a time as ever to check in on those!
  • Walk 5000 steps a day.  This is very hit or miss. On most weekdays I can get this no problem, but it's the weekends where it's the problem. I'm fairly busy Monday through Friday so by the time the weekend comes around I just want to be motionless. I think it's safe to say I didn't succeed at this one.
  • Cut down on the amount of subscription boxes. This one I did spectacularly at! I'm down to just Mask Maven and Birchbox on a monthly basis, and I've already canceled my Mask Maven so once the year subscription I've purchased is out that will be over. It's just too many sheet masks that I have quite a stash at this point and there's been all sorts of shipping problems with the service. I'm seriously even considering canceling Birchbox but the store just can't be beat! I also have FabFitFun that comes quarterly so at a very manageable rate. 
  • Finalize the perfect morning and night skincare routine. This definitely didn't happen. My skin went through a lot of changes this year so I was constantly going through products. I have started a list of products that have endured through the changes so once I get through my enormous stash I at least know what products to start with.
  • Spend at least three hours a day without a cell phone. This one was easy and achieved.
  • Get and maintain a blog planner. A full 12 months now and I've maintained my editorial calendar! I'm glad I bought a two year planner because this easily goes into 2016. It was really handy to stay organized and on track with my posts as well as a great place to record any ideas that came to me.
  • Start embracing more minimalist tendencies. Yeah this didn't really happen.
  • Develop a personal sense of style. This didn't happen either.
  • Drink more water. I was pretty on point with this one, so I say it was a success.
And now here are some more things for this year to attempt! A lot of these are very practical and cleaning oriented goals, but I need them to go somewhere so I can be accountable and a New Years list would be the best thing.
  • Do something active once a week. Something active to me means walking 15,000 steps a day. Whether it is from taking a hike or a particularly long day of shopping, it works. Whatever it takes to hit 15,000 steps once a week will give me a gold star next to this item.
  • Eliminate my sheet mask stash. From several subscription boxes, as well as random shopping, I've collected quite a collection of sheet masks. The goal by the end of the year is to eliminate all the sheet masks I have in a particular box. It's a box that's just stuffed with individual sheet masks that I've randomly picked up. I want to do 30 days of sheet masks one of these months so stay tuned for that!
  • Get down to just one drawer of skincare. I have WAY too much skincare products. Currently they take up two big drawers as well as three bins strategically stashed around the house. The goal by the end of the year is a ban on buying "just to try" products and reduce everything to just one drawer which will be full of spare products of tried and true items in my routine. This is kind of my way of "establishing the skincare routines" that I attempted to do last year, but there's definitely a clearer end goal which is to just use up products.
  • Clean out my closet. You can't see the ground in my closet, so this one is simple. I want to see the ground! It has turned into such a storage spot of random clutter as well as clothes I know need to be donated but I just can't part with. 2016, this is the year where I will clean this guy out!
  • Reach XXX in total for savings.  I don't exactly want to broadcast this number out on the internet but the aim is to nearly double my current savings. I think I can do it, especially with some changes that are coming. This one is really exciting for me and I can't wait to achieve this!
  • Read a new book every month. This! I used to read all the time and lately I find myself watching Netflix more or playing games on my phone before bed. I'd like to challenge myself to read a new book every month. Sometime this month I'll put out my reading list for the year and we'll check in and see how I've done at the end of the year!
  • Create and conquer a restaurant list. I just love making lists and crossing them off. It's time to culture myself with some good food. This is more of a fun to-do rather than a real goal or anything but it seemed like a good place to put it anyways. Stay tuned for this list too!
  • Take at least two trips. I used to travel a lot when I was younger and this year I really want to make sure to return to that. I would love to travel to two new places but I'm pulling back and just saying take two trips, anywhere, is the goal for the year. Who knows, maybe next year it can be three.
  • Cook something new at least once a month. I love saving recipes. In fact I have a draft in my email inbox that is just a long list of recipes. I'm not the best cook by any means but I want to try new things and conquer some of those recipes in that email. Experimenting with subscription services such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh will help with this too!
I'm looking forward to 2016 for some big changes, I just need the courage to make them. I don't want to reveal to much for now but don't worry, you guys will be hearing about it as it happens! I also want to try this year for the memory jar. I'm keeping a jar and everytime something impactful happens, good or bad, or even mundane I'll jot it down onto a scrap of paper and put it in the jar. I'm really hoping I can keep up with this because it would be great to look back on it all at the end of the year.

I hope everyone has had a great year and I'm looking forward to spending another year with you guys!

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