Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

December is going by fast. Actually I think it also just feels this way with my reduced posting schedule it's just flying by. I'm already having a hard time with the schedule, as in I want to post more than I'm allowing myself to! This is why it took so long for me to back off my aggressive editorial schedule but I must say the reduced number of posts has brought a better balance to my life so that's been good. Anyways, so for this month here are five things that I'm currently loving.

  • Vlogmas. The happiest and most stressful time of the year is December since that is when many YouTube vloggers decide to attempt Vlogmas. Vlogmas is daily vlogging everyday until Christmas. Am I weird for loving vlogs so much? I think it's so fascinating watching the mundane in people's lives. It's great because there's an influx of videos to watch each day and the drawback is that sometimes I get really behind watching these videos and it just stresses me out. Here are some specific vlogs that I'm extra happy to see in my subscription feed everyday: Vlogbby11Claudia SulewskiThe Blushed Vlog, and WahlieTV.
  • Might Leaf Berry Hibiscus Tea. This month at work they switched our teas from Tazo to Mighty Leaf. I've always been in love with the Tropical Green Tea but now I get to try so many of them. I've discovered the Berry Hibiscus tea which is seriously so heavenly. Sometimes I like to even make a fusion and do the berry and tropical tea at once so I can get the delicious taste of berry hibiscus but with the caffeine of green tea.
  • Christmas Shopping. Normally I dread Christmas shopping since I'm horrible at coming up with gift ideas but somehow this year it was a breeze. Right away I knew what I wanted to get everyone and it was all accomplished within an hour one morning. Extra shout out to online shopping for enabling this!
  • Paper Bag by Paulina Jonsson. I'm obsessed with YouTube vloggers, clearly, look at the first thing I discussed. They have an uncanny ability to find amazing music to accompany vlogs and I heard this one and I'm hooked. I wish I could find the the lyrics to this song, it's so whimsical and upbeat but there's some pretty weird lyrics going on. Check out the song here.
  • Super soft throw blanket from Costco. If you see this at your Costco, pick one up! They were selling $9.99 throw blankets and this thing is seriously the softest thing I've ever wrapped myself up in. I'm so in love with it. I just want to be ten of them and make a bed out of them to cuddle in.

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