Monday, December 14, 2015

Nails of the Week #62: Nails With No Name

I'm just grabbing colors right now with no rhyme or reason. Actually I did these nails so late I don't even remember doing them and some of them turned out real crazy around the cuticles. Let's just say that this manicure didn't last too long past when I first did it, but here we are today talking about it anyways. Awhile back I got that little quad of Formula X "The Match" that is suppose to be colors curated based on skintone, but I got the ones for light skin since I just liked the colors better. I mean I feel like it still compliments my skintone anyways!

I used the baby blue Formula X in Unmistakable as the main color with Formula X in Invincible as the accent nail. Fun fact, I was trying to do my pointer finger as the accent nail but I seriously blacked out and forgot as I was painting my nails so that's how the ring finger ended up being the one. After I did it I felt like it kind of looked a little random and plain so my trusty Color Club Nail Art Duo in White came to the rescue and I put little white dots to kind of bring the whole look together. Not my most interesting manicure, but it works.

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