Monday, December 21, 2015

Nails of the Week #63: Nails on Fire

It's really been awhile since I went wild and bought nail polish but recently I've been picking up bottles here and there and the manicure this week features one of them. My nails look awful right now though, they were peeling, yellow and brittle at the tips so I cut them really short to combat splitting and in the end really wasn't able to shape them. Oh well.

The base color is Essie's In The Lobby which is described as a cinnamon plum color. It's seriously gorgeous, and a good purchase! This color is from the Fall 2015 collection which I'll admit I haven't really been on top of the collections that came out this year. I loved how it looked however since I had to cut my nails really short I felt like it made my fingers look really stubby and not right. What started as a just an accent nail ended up because such a gorgeous effect that I layered on Essie's Shine of the Times which is a beautiful holo flake glitter top coat. It shifts from gold to red to green depending on where the light is and it's a really great topper for almost any color.

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