Monday, December 28, 2015

Nails of the Week #64: Sephora Formula X in Alchemy 2

Was I the only one that didn't know that Sephora was coming out with an Alchemy 2 this year? I've raved about the first one, you can check out a ton of pictures from my week 17 NotW of that beauty. But we aren't here today to talk about the first one, we want to talk about the second edition that came out! It was by pure luck that while I was shopping around for something to keep my VIB status that I clicked into the nail polish section. I've been buying quite a few polishes lately so I had no business in that section but good thing I did because then I saw!

The easiest way to describe Alchemy 2 is to compare it to the first one. They are very similar in that they are a metallic littered with soft multi-color shimmer. The first one was more of a platinum base making it appear like a soft rose gold while this one is a distinct gold base so it really glows. It's absolutely beautiful to dress up your nails with and more of a statement then the original. Did I really need two polishes that were so similar? Probably not, but I'm still happy that I do!

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