Friday, December 25, 2015

What I Did For Christmas

End of the year, all the holidays are bunched together it's crazy! This is probably one of the first years where I did something Christmassy that started about a week ago so I felt like it would be fun to share it all plus some pictures! A few highlights before I just dive into the pictures is that I'll be featuring things from my visit to Christmas Tree Lane (a street in my hometown where all the houses agree to go all out with some tasteful lights and decor, quite a fun trip to make), the Christmas Eve Eve dinner, our Feast of the 7 Fishes we decided to do this year, and some candids of the tree and pup in her Christmas attire. Christmas was a bit different this year which I've found is actually normal for many people which is celebrating it in Christmas Eve. Unfortunately I had to work both Christmas and Christmas Eve this year so instead of our usual traditional of opening presents Christmas morning, everything was done Christmas Eve this year!

A McMansion on Christmas Tree Lane 
Mini Christmas trees on Christmas Tree Lane
Christmas Eve Eve Dinner of prime rib, whipped potatoes, and broccolini
Feast of 7 Fishes: Herb roasted potato chips with smoked salmon and caviar
Feast of 7 Fishes: Seared fish with green beans and carrots
Feast of 7 Fishes: Clam bake
Feast of 7 Fishes: Basil and Parmesan stuffed bacon wrapped shrimp
Feast of 7 Fishes: Baked lobster tail
Feast of 7 Fishes: Seared scallops
Feast of 7 Fishes: Langoustine risotto

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