Friday, January 8, 2016

Fitness Friday!

This is so late, this upload schedule/new year stuff is throwing me off! I can very quickly state that this month will be a repeat of last month except we're upping it to 6000 steps per day or 42,000 steps per week. I have the added goal of the one "active" day of the week so that should help to the increased step goal. Overall I think I pretty much killed it at this. I've prorated the weeks appropriately so I actually only missed my goal the first week. I mean it was significant, roughly 8000 less steps than planned but otherwise I crushed my goals all the other weeks. It does help that I got involved with work week walking challenges with my coworkers so the race to beat each other helped! Here's the detailed break down of how I did this month:

Dec 1st: 4432
Dec 2nd: 2275
Dec 3rd: 5143
Dec 4th: 6056
Dec 5th: 2746
Dec 6th: 1413
Week Total (-1 Day): 22065/30000

Dec 7th: 4001
Dec 8th: 6803
Dec 9th: 13272
Dec 10th: 7159
Dec 11th: 4486
Dec 12th: 1112
Dec 13th: 1502
Week Total: 38335/35000

Dec 14th: 3920
Dec 15th: 8719
Dec 16th: 5216
Dec 17th: 10253
Dec 18th: 3911
Dec 19th: 3677
Dec 20th: 906
Week Total: 36602/35000

Dec 21st: 5074
Dec 22nd: 4187
Dec 23rd: 11198
Dec 24th: 6620
Dec 25th: 7179
Dec 26th: 2522
Dec 27th: 7016
Week Total: 43796/35000

Dec 28th: 3369
Dec 29th: 11668
Dec 30th: 13031
Dec 31st: 6174
Week Total (-3 Days): 34242/20000

I was pretty on point with my water and swapped out my coffee for tea several mornings. This month I want to work on snacking, as in not doing it out of boredom. Our snack kitchen at work is always packed so I do have some days of weaknesses but I really want to focus on just three balanced meals per day and taking it from there.

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