Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday 5 Faves

This week it was one of those times where I was sitting down to write this post and going there's really nothing new going on my life but then I started thinking about it more and I did think up some things. Welcome to another random mix of things I'm oddly obsessed with this week/month, this time including MAKEUP, music, an embarrassing game, and something really strange. I'll explain myself don't worry.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love cover by Haley Reinhart. Check out the song here but it's basically a cover to the Elvis Presley classic which is just lovely. Actually it comes from an Extra gum commercial but it's just great. I heard it on the radio a few times and I'm just in love with her voice. I need to check out more songs by Haley Reinhart because I'm really a fan of what she did with the song. The song itself I already love and this just really elevated it for me.
  • Amazon Prime No Rush Shipping. Here's a really weird one. Also weird since I just cancelled my membership aka my free trial ran out. But before that I was really shopping up a storm to the point where I was sure Amazon was gonna catch on to me. For those of you who've ever had Prime you would know that the free 2-day shipping got so popular they offered a option where you can opt out of the free shipping for a "no rush" service that gave a delivery date of one week later but in reality it still got shipped to you within 2-3 days anyways. If you went with the slower shipping they actually offered you a $1 credit for digital goods which is perfect since I use Kindle for reading! I really took advantage that by ordering all my Christmas and birthday presents separately and I've racked up quite a stash of promotional credit now. Can't wait to figure out what I want to use it all on.
  • Hiking. As a joint New Years resolution, I'm trying to go for a hike or at least a long walk every Saturday. I don't have the best stamina and I'm by no means in shape, but it's been nice just to get outside and move around. The dogs are loving this extra attention too and it's handy that they're out of shape too so it's something that we can all work up to together. As an added bonus the dogs are absolutely exhausted and they are quietly passed out for the rest of the day after one of these walks which is just great.
  • Maybellines 'The Falsies' Mascara. This mascara! It was one of my favorites through college and since then I kind of stopped buying it since I started trying out other mascaras. On a whim I picked it up last month and I raved about it in my favorites but I just need to mention it again. Seriously such a great volumizing mascara! It is a little clumpy but it's so dark and makes my lashes so full and fat, it's okay. Just use a good brush through mascara afterwards (like my other favorite clump crusher) to separate the lashes afterwards and you'll have lovely and fluttery lashes.
  • Neko Atsume. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but it seems like the whole world is addicted to this game. The concept is simple: a yard that you fill with toys and food to attract stray cartoon cats. The goal is to take a picture of every cat as well as collect all the mementos. Different things attract different cats who will leave behind silver and gold fish for you to buy more things with. It's oddly satisfying and not something that needs to be maintained constantly but you will find yourself checking it every five minutes after awhile. I play this game with a whole bunch of people at work to the point where we have a chat together comparing all of our cat things. It's sick but so fun at the same time.

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