Monday, January 18, 2016

Nails of the Week #67: No More Glitter

So I've been wearing way too much glitter lately and my nails are really suffering because of it. They got nearly 5 days off before I couldn't resist and just had to paint them again. I had this disaster of trying to use nail stamps that completely dried out my cuticles and shredded up the surface of my nails. This really was the longest I could go without color but I'm happy to report they're doing a lot better and are probably safer under a few coats of polish anyways.

This week I went for some favorites for a very classic plain manicure plus party nail. I used Essie in Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, this great dusty light purple a staple in my collection from a few years back as the main color plus Sephora Formula X in Alchemy II as the accent nail. The purple and molten gold really compliment each other and with the multi-color sparkle in Alchemy II, it's just lovely. Basically the closest I can get to glitter without actually using it because that ish is really starting to beat up the surface of my nails.

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