Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unboxing: Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2015

I saw some pretty pathetic beauty boxes so I really lucked out. I think this may be the end of this subscription soon. It's $5 but it's such a random collection of items with no rhyme or reason and lots of repeats. I really don't need more samples so I'll think about it. The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly sample of products as well as coupons from Walmart. It costs $5 which is the cost of shipping and it is split between a younger and older box. Since I'm under 35 I get the younger box which normally just means more makeup and less anti-aging skincare. Let's take a look at what I got!

nspa Coconut Rich Body Butter. The coconut definitely smells very chemically but body butter with coconut oil, what can go wrong?
Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion. I thought Dial was a brand of dish soap, apparently they make lotions too. I like how it smells, kind of like orange gummy candy.
Pantene Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. Hairspray, not something I use.
Goody Slideproof Hair Ties. Hair ties, I do use these! Interested to see how these work out and it's nice to get a pack since these are the things, like bobby pins, that are constantly disappearing from my life.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser. I've had this cleanser before, it didn't do anything noteworthy but I'll still use it. At least it didn't break me out.
Pure Silk Shave Cream. Now shave cream I can get on board with and this stuff smells delicious.
Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Shampoo & Conditioner. Good for travelling packs of shampoo and conditioner. Never heard of this brand before though.
Olay Regenerist Luminous Moisturizer. More travel convenient samples. I love taking these because you just use and toss them so you can come back with less things in your toiletry bag.
Centrum VitaMints. This is weird, but I guess I'll eat them.

Overall this box wasn't as bad as everyone else's so I'm not upset. Pretty much all useless though, I'll use about 5 of these things gladly and there is just one item that I won't touch at all. Is it worth the $5? Probably not, but it comes quarterly and it's a fun gamble.

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