Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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What do I do best when I'm sad? Write. As it always happens, today's blog post is quite different from what I had originally planned. The original plan was to share my dream line up in skincare. Actually more people would probably be more interested that instead of the rambling you're getting today. Never fear, one day (probably next week) we'll circle back to that topic. I do have some fun products I want to share that will make up my skincare routine if money wasn't an object.

Today I really want to talk about personal demons. It's been a hard few weeks for me and at this point I've really reached a breaking point. I'm finding myself reflecting all the time and it's not healthy. The psychoanalysis of my every little move throughout the day along with questioning all the what-ifs is really pulling me down into a dark place and I need to shake myself out of it.

Without getting too much into it I really want to share a little bit about what I'm experiencing right now. Bullies. That's right, you heard me. Now I thought a bully was a concept that I outgrew once I graduated high school. If anything I was blessed enough to never experience such a thing except for one case in college and then now. Maybe that's the reason why I was unable to recognize the signs and why I started internalizing it all and just blaming myself.

I find myself the easy target sometimes. I can be really passive which invites people to pour their negativity towards me. Typically I can deal with it, I have a strong circle of friends and enough great and fulfilling things in my life, but it's those days when everything just kind of stacks up that I just break down.

At the end of the day, I can be doing everything right but there's still someone out there who takes joy in bringing me down. The only way they can pull themselves out of a bad situation is to take someone down and make them have a worse time than they're having. All this bully wants is attention and I'm finding that you just need to let them perceive that they've won. If they think that they've conquered you, you're no longer

This seems really contrary to the ideas of standing up to your bully. I'm not saying roll over and just take it, I'm saying be the bigger person and rise above them. If they are stuck in their petty ways and simple thoughts, who is the fool at the end of the day?

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  1. I love your blog! Don't let these bullies take away your shine! They only want to bully you because they are jealous. I am much older than you, but I have learned so much from your blog. Just keep doing you. You are awesome!