Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dream Team Skincare

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Skincare. It's something I've talked about from the beginning of this blog and I never really get to the point where I'm completely satisfied with the lineup but I do think I have it down for the nighttime! I have a general idea about what to do in the morning but I still haven't found the perfect blend that works for my oily skin so I'll share some products but not all of them. This nighttime routine also contains some pricey products that I currently don't have because I just can't be spending that much money just yet, but here's the dream lineup I would have for nighttime as well as a product or two that I'm hooked on for the morning.

  • Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner. First up is this lovely toner. Does it really reduce my pores? Absolutely not but it's nourishing for my skin and it works well with all the other products in my lineup. It also doesn't cause me to breakout and is really good at picking up any leftover makeup or makeup that may have escaped my face washing.
  • Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Leave On Overnight Peel. While this is targeted more towards dark spots on mature skin, I find it a very good preventative product that keeps my face bright and even. It also work with acne scarring which is something I still suffer from. With extended use my skin feels soft and smooth and it's a very gradual correction to even and flawless looking skin.
  • Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night. For practically $100, this stuff is luxurious! A little dot is enough for your entire face and you wake up with the silkiest most vibrant skin ever. I finally understand the hype with Philosophy products after using this because I'll admit none of their other cult favorites have really impressed me. If I could afford it, you better believe this guy would be the star of my lineup.
  • Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes. This is another pricey item but I've never used a more buttery moisturizer. It just melts into your skin and stays there without feeling greasy. I have a tough time with eye creams because at night I wear glasses and I hate going through my skincare then not being able to do anything because my glasses are just sliding off my nose from the products being so thick and greasy. A little bit goes a long way and it really works to hydrate my under eyes which definitely suffers due to my lack of sleep.
  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. This isn't quite as good as the Korean stuff but I really can't find that stuff at all so it's the next best thing. This is one of those magical pink bottles where you dot it onto pimples and they disappear overnight! So this doesn't cause them to vanish but it does dry those pimples out significantly. I would say it probably takes about three days to completely get rid of pimples but that's still pretty good.
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. The last guy in my lineup, which isn't an everyday thing, has to be this amazing water mask. The concept of these things is that it just creates a water barrier on your skin. This is good to use about once or twice a week and it just locks in the moisture of all the other products so you wake up with baby soft skin.
Now for the two items I have curated for the morning.
  • Simple Eye Roll On. This is probably the best stuff ever for de-puffing eyes in the morning. It's one of those metal rollerball thingies that massages your under eye with a cooling gel. It's affordable too, but the thing is it's hard to find! I originally got one in a Birchbox but then they took it off their shop and I scoured every store that sold Simple products and I couldn't find it. I randomly stumbled across two beat up boxes at a Walgreens one day so whenever I find them I snatch them up now.
  • The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. I'm still not 100% certain on it, I think it has to do with skin chemistry because somedays it's fantastic and some other days I still get a little greasy. This is a light, yet hydrating day cream made from seaweed extracts. It instantly soaks in and mattifies my skin and on a good day it keeps the oils at bay for a good 6 hours which is pretty solid for just a day cream. Other days in my skin immediately rebels and it's not pretty. Overall I'm a fan of this stuff, it's more moisturizing then a gel moisturizer which really is the only thing that works with oily skin so it's a nice winter option. If anyone knows that magic cream out there that just shields your face from shine, please let me know!
Special shout out to Michael Todd Honey and Oat Gentle Daily Cleanser. I wasn't going to talk about any sort of cleansers or scrubs but this has been so great for my acne prone skin I felt like it deserved a quick mention. This has a thick gel consistency, as if you were washing your face with honey, and it has been great with reducing breakouts on my skin. It comes down to honey being a great ingredient for my skin and since I've started using this stuff regularly again I've noticed a huge improvement! If your one of those people who suffer from small bumps pretty much all the time, try using something with honey it because it's a great ingredient for detoxifying your skin.

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  1. Great products. I will definitely use them. I have started using anti aging cream by lifecell for all signs of aging, it even moisturizes your skin and makes it glowing.