Friday, February 5, 2016

Fitness Friday!

I'll be the first to admit I wasn't on point as I was last month for hitting steps. This time around I just had some days where I forgot to put on my Fitbit until halfway through the day or sometimes just not at all. I'm not expecting to have made my goals this month so I'm challenging myself to repeat this for February: 42000 steps in a week or roughly 6000 steps a day. Let's just take a look at how I've done for January.

Jan 1st: 4577
Jan 2nd: 10159
Jan 3rd: 1679
Week Total (-4 Days): 16415/18000

Jan 4th: 16089
Jan 5th: 12933
Jan 6th: 18771
Jan 7th: 13449
Jan 8th: 19074
Jan 9th: 10203
Jan 10th: 1512
Week Total: 92031/42000

Jan 11th: 6356
Jan 12th: 6977
Jan 13th : 6216
Jan 14th: 7398
Jan 15th: 5918
Jan 16th : 3927
Jan 17th: 3453
Week Total: 40245/42000

Jan 18th: 2533
Jan 19th: 7973
Jan 20th: 4969
Jan 21st: 5516
Jan 22nd: 0
Jan 23rd: 8951
Jan 24th: 253
Week Total: 30195/42000

Jan 25th: 6769
Jan 26th: 7329
Jan 27th: 5312
Jan 28th: 7124
Jan 29th: 9651
Jan 30th: 3989
Jan 31st: 6972
Week Total: 47146/42000

Water game has been strong. I've worked my way to drinking 84.5 oz of water a day and it's really helped to curb my cravings as well as any snacking tendencies. I'm still trying to make the hard switch from a sugary coffee to tea with honey, I would say I'm probably 50/50 when it comes to that. I'm making a conscience effort to eat vegetables with each meal so I just got to keep that up!

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