Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday 5 Faves

What have I been loving this month? Quite a random mash up of things, but in particular it seems to be food. I could easily do a F5F with just five food items but I restrained myself and forced myself to think of some different categories. Another month, another new favorite song though that's always a given. I've been doing some reading while balancing my time binging on a TV show. A lot has been going on.

  • Creepy Pastas. I'm not 100% certain on the origin of these but I believe it was Reddit. Basically they are horror stories written by anonymous members of the internet who aims to just really creep you out afterwards. A few favorites of mine are Abandoned Disney, Penpal, Ted the Caver, and 1999. Some of them are seriously disturbing and others are really long, but spending a day reading some of these are pretty fun.
  • I Took a Pill in Ibize by Mike Posner. Particularly the SeeB remix is my song of the moment. It's very reminiscent of Mike Posner's Cool Like Me song mixed with Kygo. It's a very fun song to listen to at any time and it's very catchy too. A cautionary tale about drugs, it's a fairly basic message but it's the beat that really gets me.
  • The Simpsons. I've always caught odd episodes of this show and the last 3-4 seasons I've watched all the new episodes on a weekly basis but then it suddenly occurred to me that there have been decades of episodes and suddenly I really wanted to watch all of them. The entire series is actually available for free through the FX app, you just need to log in with your cable provider and then you can lose yourself in Simpsons World. As I'm typing this I'm halfway through season 13, so basically just 10 more seasons to go! I started watching it regularly with the 23rd season, this could take awhile.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (and cheese). I've been hooked on Progresso's Light Chicken Noodle Soup lately. Why light you might ask? Because I like to follow up with a mountain of shredded cheese. Something about the melty cheese stringing itself around the noodles and chicken chunks is just so delicious to me. It's horrifying to a lot of people the amount of cheese I put in the soup, there are often jokes about a side of soup with my cheese but I love it and that's all that matters!
  • Starbucks Bottled Frappucino S'mores. These things are so bad for you, it's basically pure sugar but I am so in love with the news s'mores flavor. It basically tastes like marshmallow with a graham cracker aftertaste and it's amazing. A pure shot of sugar and caffeine, I try and limit these to one a week also since it's almost $3 for a bottle! Even once a week is a little too much but what can I say, I'm in love.

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