Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Favorites!

Another small handful of products to share this time around. I'm really focusing on clearing out my stash of products right now so I'll admit that I'm not finding much to love lately. A lot of stuff is either backups which I'm not touching since they are tried and true products, and the rest are a random mash of subscription box items that are fun to try but clearly not things I'd pick for myself normally. The good news is that the steady progress is making a difference and I've managed to sneak in a few new products that I've specifically picked out so I do have some good stuff to share with you guys!

  • Klorane Shampoo with Nettle. First up is this life changing shampoo. My hair is pretty normal but since I try to only wash it twice a week, obviously by the time a shampoo day comes around my hair is pretty greasy. I read an article about this particular shampoo that it really helps with oily hair so I decided to give it a try. I'll admit the first try at it I wasn't that impressed. It really didn't lather up well to my liking so I felt like I was wasting a lot of product and still not getting my hair clean. Now that I've been consistently using it though, I notice such a difference. I never feel like my hair is greasy, I only have to combat hair weirdness if it gets sweaty, but oil is a thing of the past. Actually I almost never use dry shampoo anymore so it's really slow going working through the cans that I have! I love this stuff, the price tag is steep at $20 but a little is all you need and even with me using it twice a week, there's barely a dent in the bottle.
  • Klorane Mask with Mango Butter. Next up is another Klorane item. I actually discovered Klorane through their amazing dry shampoo so I'm really not surprised how well my hair is responding to everything else. This mask is so luxuriously thick and after you rinse it out, your hair just feel so full and soft. It doesn't feel weighted down with product but it does feel thick with health if that makes sense. It's something amazing. I would also love to try the date mask too sometime, so that's on my list.
  • Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Nourishing Monoi Oil. I saw an ad for this awhile ago and never got around to trying it. I'm obsessed. Anything to help me remember to moisturize and this is a good one. My skin is so baby soft and it's so easy to remember to do! You just slap it on before you step out of the shower and then towel dry yourself and you're done! Sometimes I even layer on another lotion to really add to the softness factor. I just realized that there's also a variation with green tea so I want to try that one next! 
  • Milani Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil. My one complaint about this pencil is that it is a little fat and there's no way to sharpen it but if that's all there is to complain it's pretty good! The color and consistency are perfect and the little spoolee works very well. This doesn't replace the precision of using my favorite Define A Brow however it's great for that quick brow in the morning since it covers it all very quickly and looks great.
  • C. Booth Honey Almond Body Butter. Remember when I mentioned a second layer of lotion earlier? This stuff is it! This is my current favorite for a good winter time lotion for a few reasons. First of all, obviously it's very moisturizing and smells amazing. The second part of it is that it's thick but non-greasy! Sounds crazy, but that's actually pretty tough to find. I have this weird thing where I hate putting lotion slick legs under blankets so I'm grateful that this stuff absorbs fast but it still has moisture locking powers. Thumbs up to this lotion and bonus points that it comes in a tub so I can actually use it down to the last drop.
  • The Soap & Paper Factory Green Tea Shea Butter Hand Cream. This tiny hand cream that I got from a Birchbox is amazing. Smells like a dream and works great. My hands are so soft but it absorbs fast so I'm able to carry on with my life even after I've applied it.
  • Garnier Duo Clean Whitening + Pore Minimizer Duo Foam. Since this is an Asian specific cleanser I couldn't find a product page to link to so I just linked the review I wrote for it. This stuff is great because it makes my skin feel squeaky clean but not stripped. I also love the duo foam color, it's very fun and makes me think of toothpaste commercials.

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