Friday, March 11, 2016

Benefits of Walking

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One of my favorite activities that I have discovered this year is walking. Yes walking. I know this is something you do everyday but have you ever just left your house or wherever purely for the intention of just walking? No destination, no agenda, just to walk. This started with taking my lunch hour at work and instead of lounging around nibbling on food, to just go for a walk for an hour. Slowly this became my favorite time of the day and I really want to share some benefits from my daily walking trips.

  • Exercise. This is the most obvious one, any time spent moving is exercise and walking is fairly low impact. You can walk as briskly as you want or just amble along to stretch out your legs. If you have a desk job like I do, any opportunity to get up and stretch your legs should be taken so have an extended period of moving around is always great to re-energize myself for the day.
  • Mental Health. The act of physically removing yourself from work is a great boost in your mental health. It gives your mind time to reset and being outside will just clear it. Prior to my daily walking sessions I was under a lot of stress at work because my job is very demanding and high pressure. Now the stress didn't go away, but just taking myself out of the office for an hour in the middle of the day it became a lot more manageable and I was able to approach things in a much more positive manner.
  • Reflection. This kind of goes with the previous point of mental health, but these walks were great for a reflection time. Walking around outside just looking at nature, houses, people, anything I come across was a great time to let my mind wander anywhere.
  • Vitamin D. This probably should have been closer to the top along with exercise as being an obvious one, but being outside exposes you to the sun which offers you a shot of vitamin D. I'm not health expert but it's one of those things that's good for you that doctors always tell you to get so obviously it has to be on a benefits list!
  • Sense of purpose. Walking gives you a sense of purpose, like you're doing something instead of just lounging around and with that a sense of accomplishment too. Even if you don't have a set distance to achieve it's still satisfying at the end of the session to see how far you've walked and gives you the feeling that you've done something for the day.
  • Unplug. Walking is also a great time to unplug. You see those people who are walking and on their phone but you really shouldn't do that. It's a hazard to not pay attention where you're going so walking also forces you to tear yourself away from a tiny tech screen and really take notice of where you are.

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