Friday, March 4, 2016

Fitness Friday!

Apparently it's really hard for me to meet this goal. I always start out strong and then it kind of fizzles out. However that just makes me all the more determined to do it. I'm setting the same goal for the third month in a row which is 42000 steps a week or about 6000 steps a day. I know I can do it, I get awfully close especially how some days I can walk a little more to balance out the days where it appears like I don't move. Well, let's just break down how February went which was kind of a funky month with the weeks.

Feb 1st: 11731
Feb 2nd: 12637
Feb 3rd: 18473
Feb 4th: 19170
Feb 5th: 12690
Feb 6th: 5876
Feb 7th: 2760
Week Total83337/42000

Feb 8th: 6738
Feb 9th: 10663
Feb 10th: 10076
Feb 11th: 7596
Feb 12th: 10248
Feb 13th: 10741
Feb 14th: 8362
Week Total64424/42000

Feb 15th: 2387
Feb 16th: 3171
Feb 17th: 3155
Feb 18th: 2197
Feb 19th: 2927
Feb 20th: 7482
Feb 21st: 866
Week Total22187/42000

Feb 22nd: 1640
Feb 23rd: 6518
Feb 24th: 2147
Feb 25th: 5351
Feb 26th: 3673
Feb 27th: 7931
Feb 28th: 10106
Feb 29th: 1724
Week Total39090/48000

Water drinking is still going strong. In fact one day I failed to drink as much as I usually do and all day I had a headache and felt very sluggish. I quickly figured that out and turned that around the next day. Some life changes happened but the good news is that I'm more in control of my eating now so I'm going to make a conscious effort of cooking and eating with less salt and oil as well as going back to more lean proteins such as chicken.

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