Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday 5 Faves

This almost turned into a Friday 10 Faves I just had so many things I wanted to highlight. What I ended up doing was coming up with a list about a week ago and then before I sat down to actually write this I started weeding out the items that I was less enthused about now and that is how I managed to whittle the list down. There's some good stuff in this list, I haven't let the constant rain storms keep me down!

  • Lost Boys by Ruth B. New song favorite! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories of all time so when I heard this on the radio I was in love. Apparently Ruth B came from Vine, the power of social media these days. On the surface the song is simply about Peter Pan but deeper down its about finding your "Peter Pan", the place you go where your lost or down. Whatever it is you do to lift your spirits. It's a beautiful song and something I can just play on loop.
  • Avocados. I've had a recent and strong obsession with avocados. Not even with anything, just by themselves. I went crazy and bought an entire bag and just ate them all with a spoon in a few days. So fatty, but creamy and delicious and good for you. They're a perfect snack, a perfect accompaniment to a meal, just perfect. I found some big ones too about the size of my hand, that in itself was a meal. I also love recipes with avocados but lately I'm loving eating them plain.
  • Dog parks. My dogs have found a love for dog parks and I love going to them too. It's fun to see them interact with different dogs especially to see my Great Dane play with the little dogs which he loves. On the weekends I like to look up different dog parks to go to because each one comes with a different group of dogs and a new interesting area for the pups to sniff around. I do have some favorites, the one that's conveniently down the road and the other that is large with astro turf and located in an area that has some easy walking trails to bring the dogs around before letting them off leash.
  • Bar Rescue. I've always loved shows like Kitchen Nightmare, Restaurant Impossible or Love It or List It where you have a team come in and try to save/rescue your assets so it was surprising it took me this long to stumble across Bar Rescue. The premise of this show is that you have a failing bar and John Taffer comes in and completely revamps your bar and helps to train your staff. He has a fairly good success rate compared to those restaurant rescue shows and now I have a few bars in the area that he has rescued that I'm interested in visiting!
  • Mario Badescue Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion. I didn't think I would fall so hard for a toner but I have. I think this may have bumped out my Paula's Choice for nighttime! My skin has never felt or looked better than it has since I started using this stuff. My face is so soft and fresh feeling and I'm seeing an improvement in brightness and evenness. I have yet to try mixing it with my Paula's Choice but maybe that will be the magic formula, combining the two powerhouses. I'm officially hooked and I think this stuff has a permanent place in my lineup.

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