Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Haul: Fortune Cookie Soaps!

This is kind of silly seeing how as I don't really have a functioning bath tub right now. But I was having a conversation with a friend and one thing led to another and suddenly I was placing a huge order on Fortune Cookie Soaps. This company is an indie turned more popular soap maker that creates a variety of bath products, most notably their fortune cookie shaped soaps. What I bought though was a whole bunch of bath bombs, melts, steamers, and bubble bars. I really wanted to up my bath taking game which isn't hard since I don't take baths. Any excuse to buy cute bath products really. I'm almost embarrassed to share this but these items are so adorable I needed them documented somewhere because obviously you use it and it's gone. Brace yourself for an epic photo shoot of bath products!

"Serenity" Steam Me Up Scotty! The true reason for this purchase was to get these steamers. You can see how it all escalated out of control after that...These are like bath bombs for showers, and since I tend to take more showers I've always wanted to try them. You unwrap these little chalky cubes of goodness and you place them in the shower out of the direct stream of water. There they will slowly fizz and envelop you with aromatherapy heaven. This particular one is lavender scented.
"Sensual" Steam Me Up Scotty! This set is a rose and honeysuckle scent. It's sweet and luxurious smelling.
"This Thing?" Steam Me Up Scotty! The main smell is sweet vanilla with  right notes of orange and flowers.
"Guardian of the Forest" Steam Me Up Scotty! Something from their Lorax collection! Spring flowers mixed with a splash of lemon, I LOVE the scent of this, it reminds me a little of my favorite Juicy Couture Malibu perfume and I just might need to buy a few more products in this scent.
"Cold Buster" Steam Me Up Scotty! As someone who often gets sick and congested it seemed wise to pick up these cold buster steamers. This is a blend of peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus, all the good stuff to clear up your sinuses with.
Sugar Skull Bath Melt. Next up are the bath melts. These are made with a rich blend of Kokum and Shea butter for an ultra moisturizing bath experience. These are designed to melt in a bath and wrap your skin up in silk. Most commonly used along with a bath bomb or bubble bar for a truly spa experience. These are made with the same scent as Vivid (I got the bubble bath too, which I talk about below!) and they are adorable skull shapes.
In the Loop Bath Melt. Froot Loop scented bath melts! These are shaped like hearts and smell of pure sugary goodness.
Hot Chocolate Bath Melt. I envisioned using this during winter while drinking a mug of hot chocolate. Yes, strange thoughts go through my mind late at night when I'm shopping for soap.
Mellow Yellow Bath Melt. I'll admit I didn't even click into the product page at first because this allusion to pee in your bath wasn't pleasant for me. This one is a mix of sugary sweetness and Tahitian petals for a very luxurious experience. Maybe it's on purpose they have this name because this one does seem like a very special product.
WHAT? IT'S 5 O'CLOCK, SOMEWHERE! Solid Bubble Bath. Next are the solid bubble baths! These are basically bars you drop in that will give you some serious bubbles. They even come with warnings saying that each bar is good for 2-3 baths. The packaging is a little lost on this one since the umbrella got slightly crushed but it still smells amazing, a fruity cocktail laced with glitter.
Vivid Solid Bubble Bath. One of their popular scents, this one is pink and smells like fruit punch. A very basic shape too, which I'm grateful one because I know I'll have a hard time using some of the cuter ones.
Fruity Punch Gelato Bath Bomb. Next is the biggest category of all, bath bombs! I got a TON of these so brace yourselves. First up is this trio of ice cream shaped ones that come adorably packaged in bowls and a little spoon. Bath bombs are for your bath and what they do is add essential oil, fragrance and color to your bath. Not as moisturizing as a melt and no bubbles included, but it makes your bath a bit more fun. This particular one is a fruit punch one as the name implies.
Cake Batter Gelato Bath Bomb. One of my favorite ice cream flavors, of course I need it despite it being a bland white. I'll feel like I'm sitting in a milk bath but this would be good to mix with a melt or bubble.
Rum Butter Gelato Bath Bomb. Another one of the ice cream shaped ones, this one is as the name indicates, rum butter.
The Munchies Bath Bomb. This is a lot more pink than the website shows but I'm okay with it. How adorable is this donut shaped bath bomb complete with sprinkles?? This smells like a strawberry jam donut and the top is actually dipped with pink soap so you could use that to wash with separately.
Krispy Cream Bath Bomb. Despite the name this is actually a rice krispy scented bath bomb! I like the nice cluster of sprinkles and the sweet sugary smell.
PJP Bath Bomb. I actually didn't know this was a Harry Potter reference at first but PJP is actually short of Polyjuice Potion! This makes me love it even more. This very unassuming bath bomb actually glows in the dark and it is the most amazing fruit smell ever. I think I may be in love. This one broke in transit so the picture just shows half of it, the rest is crumbling in the bag still.
Disco Tree Bath Bomb. I may regret this later on when I actually use it but it looks pretty now. This is more of a glitter bomb and I can just tell it will be messy and glitterfy my bath tub, but it smells of berries and sandalwood and is just delightful. Definitely one of my favorites from this haul.
Paradise Found Bath Bomb. Slightly crushed in transit, or from when I dropped the box trying to bring it inside. It's really a miracle that more of them didn't break. Tropical flowers and fruits galore, this will be a fun you to use.
Strawberry Fields Forever Bath Bomb. A cube dressed like a strawberry! I love how many different shapes these things come in. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so a classic strawberry bath bomb seemed like a good idea. Also get some color in the bath too because I got quite a few that were just a single color.
Oh Hair Bath Bomb. Another cube shaped bath bomb! I don't understand the name reference but this one is peach and grapefruit mixed with thyme. It sounds so crisp and fresh and the blue color will be quite lovely.
One C Bath Bomb. Typically I'm not crazy about patchouli but this one looked so beautiful I had to have it. This is a more earthy scent from all the other ones I got that is a blend of warm woods, patchouli and vanilla to round it out. This is drizzled with black soap on top which is said to dissolve more slowly so you can wash with it, just like the donut one.
Joffrey Dies at the End Bath Truffle. Game of Thrones reference, I love it. This one is a unique bath truffle that I just had to try. A truffle is a bath melt wrapped inside of a bath bomb. How genius is that?! Also it's absolutely gorgeous too so that helped.


  1. I'm so jealous right now, I don't have a Tub! I only have a shower. These are all so cute, If I had a bath.....


    1. It's hard to resist that the shop is now having a huge sale on so many of their items. I had to have someone hide my credit card and change my Paypal password!

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