Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unboxing: FabFitFun Spring 2016 + Add Ons!

The spoilers came out and I wasn't excited, and then the box came and I still wasn't wowed. I guess in general this box wasn't much of a hit for me, I'm really missing those snacks that use to come in the boxes! I wonder why that was something they stopped doing.

FabFitFun VIP is a quarterly women's subscription box, that provides a box curated for each season full of lifestyle and beauty products! It costs $49.99 per box and it is stuffed full of products (worth at least $100) selected by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team. Let's take a look at what is in the winter box!

First up I want to talk about my add-ons which I won't include in the total valuation of the box. I think one or two boxes ago they started offering add-ons which could be past products, or products from a brand that they've featured for a discounted price. Normally I don't pick anything but two skincare items caught my eye this time so I said why not.

I picked up the Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgo Mask which is a blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and Ginkgo that's suppose to help brighten your skin as well as restore moisture. Ginkgo is known for its ability to improve oxygenation with regular use. I'm always on the hunt for things to help brighten my skin and give it that healthy glow so I thought I'd give this a try. The other item I picked up was the Doctor D. Schwab Alphasomes C-8 Flawless Skin Brightening Serum. I was running low on serums in my stash so it was a good a time as any to try a new one. This highly concentrated serum is to help re-balance uneven skin tone using the power of Peptides, natural ingredients and grape stem cell extract.
Herb Garden by MakersKit | Value: $35
"Dream" Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona | Value: $65
I would be excited about this herb garden if I haven't already killed about three garden attempts. Fourth times the charm right? I do love the little wooden box that comes in this kit and the instructions makes me feel like I could succeed this time so who knows, check in a month. This tag necklace was the only item you could choose in the box this time and I went with the word dream. It's cute and a simple but I have a necklace that I already wear everyday for sentimental reasons so I'm not sure if I'll ever get to wear this.
Contour Kit by ISH in Light/Medium | Value: $32
Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh | Value: $22.99
ISH is FabFitFun's debut makeup line and everyone got this contour kit. It comes with a highlighter, blush, bronzer, and contour powder in this sleek and simple black case. I'm interested in to see how these match up with some of my favorites and if it's something good it will be a handy travel palette. There was also a hair oil which I'm not interested in at all, I have too many of these kinds of items that I will never use!
Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D'Amour | Value: $28
Keratin Gloves & Socks | Value: $9.98
Probably the only things I'm truly excited about from this. They must have known about my recent obsession with bath bombs (update: still haven't gotten a plug for my tub) so I'm happy to add three more to the growing collection. There's also a pair of keratin gloves and socks to use for a pamper night!
Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew | Value: $14.99
Shaving Emulation Lotion by HelloLegs | Value: $19.95
Mat strap, I don't do yoga, what am I suppose to do with this?! Also a shaving lotion which I'm not too crazy about because I've tried some before and definitely still prefer the creams from the aerosal cans. There's just something about foam that is more effective than a lotion that doesn't really lather up enough.
$25 Gift Card by 31 Bits
$30 Gift Card by Sterling Forever
And lastly, two gift cards that I shall never remember to use. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in these and I'd be happy to pass along the redemption codes to a good home!

Total Value: $282.91

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