Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 5 Faves!

Friday 5 Faves! Sometimes I feel like this post itself should be a favorite because I so look forward to doing them. This opportunity to talk about my random obsessions is just great. Sometimes I feel like expanding it to more than 5 but for the sake of the alliteration I just can't. I mean fourteen would be the next number but that's just a little too much plus "Friday 14 Faves" doesn't look quite as nifty.
  • A Thousand Years cover by The Piano Guys. A lovely instrumental version to this song that's forever tainted by being the song that the Twilight series is known for. Oh well, I still love this song and the beautiful cello in it really makes it. It makes me want to pick up my violin again and learn how to play it. Sadly I've forgotten how to read music though, is that something that comes back? Right now I can look at a sheet of music and have no clue what the notes are. And even if I did, I'm looking at the strings (or piano keys, the other instrument I played) and I have no clue what notes they are. This is a shame. Anyways, here is the link to this beautiful song, enjoy!
  • Shredded Chicken Burritos and hot Taco Sauce. I've never been crazy about Taco Bell, but now I know why: I hadn't found those menu items that I loved but now I finally did! I am OBSESSED with their shredded chicken burritos, so delicious and cheap, and with them I love squeezing on the hot taco sauce for every single bite. No joke, I go through about 5 sauce packets per burrito, and those things aren't that big. I don't know what it is about it, but I absolutely love this burrito and how it tastes that I seriously crave it all the time. It's very basic, just rice, cheese, avocado ranch sauce and shredded chicken wrapped up in a soft tortilla for less than $2! In fact I'm considering driving and getting one right now since describing it just sounds so good, but I'll resist.
  • Sugar Tula Booties. Hopefully this link here still works but these are my current booty obsessions. I bought these off Nordstrom Rack where they're sold out but I found them on another site just so you can get an idea. Very inexpensive and very comfortable. I can wear them for a whole day and my feet don't feel tired or swollen or anything! It basically feels like I've been wearing flats all day. They're also adorable and very simple so they go with just about any outfit. I highly recommend these booties if you've been on the hunt for some basic heeled booties!
  • 4 Minute Months. Time for some shameless self promotions. The basic concept of this is about 5-10 seconds of video of anything, every single day in a month. It's a great snapshot of what you did in a month with very little commitment. These videos are both really easy and ultra difficult at the same time. It's easy in that it doesn't take much editing, it's just a few seconds everyday stitched together in one video. It's a pain to add the dates and make sure the text stays on for the duration of the video clip (I use Windows Movie Maker, it's not that smart or sophisticated to do it itself, or it is and I haven't figured that out yet) but overall pretty quick the process. The painful part is finding the right music that is royalty free, long enough, and works with the mood of the video. I fail at this, normally taking a really long time to post one up but I'm mentioning it in my favorites now because I'm in the midst of making one for April right now! Also here are the links to the two that I've already done February 2016 that I actually put together in a month, and August 2015 which also took about a month. I guess I have a month lag time. This month I'm trying to upload and stitch together the clips on a weekly basis in hopes that I can actually upload it on May 1st, let's see how this goes. I also do have clips from May 2015 but I missed the last two days of the month, maybe in May this year I can still edit it together and upload it as a "throwback" video. Thoughts?
  • Second Date Update. This is silly, but on Tuesday and Thursday mornings the morning show I like listening to does this segment called Second Date Update where someone calls into the station and asks the radio hosts to call someone that they went on a first date with and never heard from again to find out what happened. There's been successes, people who know what's going on, and the majority of them had an other side of the story as to why there wasn't a second date. It's pretty entertaining and something I look forward to on those days.

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