Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mini Haul: Etude House!

Recently my mom took a trip to Taiwan so naturally I handed her my Etude House member's card as well as a shopping list. Unfortunately most of the items I wanted weren't in stock at the store so she was only able to get a few items for me. I still wanted to share this mini haul as well as show you the outrageous amounts of free samples and giveaways that they stuff into your bag everytime you should there! I wish the stores in the US were generous like that.

Kissful Lip Care. First up are these two lip scrubs. I'm always looking to try different things so why not a lip scrub?
AC Clinic Hinoki Water Mist. This was a buy one get one free deal of anything in that AC Clinic line and I had put in a request for the Gel Lotion so my mom picked out this water mist for me. This refreshing mist can be spritzed on throughout the day and it is said to refresh your skin and help control sebum. I love water mists so even if this doesn't help with the oil, I'll still enjoy it.
AC Clinic Gel Lotion. Here is the gel lotion that I requested. First of all I love that it comes in a heavy glass bottle, I'll probably keep the bottle even after I'm done with it. This is just an oil absorbing gel moisturizer but with summer come up soon, my skin loves gel moisturizers so I wanted to see how this one worked out. If it really does help with the oil that would be just great.
Playtherapy Soft Clay Pack. Clay masks are my favorite so naturally I requested this one that is suppose to good for pore and sebum control. I have the broccoli mask from the same line which I wasn't crazy about but I still wanted to try this one out.
Wonder Pore Ultra Clay Pack. I've tried a few products from the Wonder Pore line that worked pretty well so I requested the clay pack from it too.
Playtherapy Sleeping Pack. Sleeping masks are awesome and this firming one made from pomegranate seemed like a nice treat once in awhile.
Playtherapy Wash Off Pack. Besides oil and pore care, I'm always looking for brightening items to help even out my skin tone and just really make it glow in health. This stuff is made from birch sap, a popular ingredient from European countries, and Vitamin E to help promote a brighter complexion.
Finally just look at this mess of samples! So many packets of things to try plus some bigger things such as a headband and adorable lollipop pen.

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