Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Fortune Cookie Soap Steam Me Up Scotty!

Awhile back I had that huge Fortune Cookie Soaps haul and I've been slowly making a small dent in that all. I have yet to make my bath tub functional so the vast majority of the stuff is just acting as a glorified air freshener (but it is making my room smell delicious) but I've gotten a chance to use several of the Steam Me Up Scotty! shower steamers. If you remember, those were the reason for the purchase and everything else just quickly escalated out of control. I thought it would be suitable now to write up a review of these shower steamers because I'm sure there are many people out there who don't have the luxury of a tub but would still like a spa experience showering.

Shower steamers are a mixture of the same ingredients of a bath bomb with a higher concentration of fragrance and oils. The idea is that since you're not soaking in the stuff these skin irritating ingredients that smell good can be really packed in there for an extra fragrant experience To use, you unwrap one of these guys and place it at the back of your shower out of the direct stream of water. What happens is that the steam from your shower will cause the steamer to slowly fizz and release the fragrance. One cube should last about 1-2 showers, possibly even more depending on the length of your showers. Basically you can leave them in there and just let them fizzle out over the course of a few showers.

Initially I got these in a variety of scents but sadly I must say I regret picking them up at all. I'm not sure if I'm just not doing something right but I've tried using these in a bunch of different ways and each time I couldn't smell the fragrance at all which just defeated the purpose of them.

The first time I used them I followed the directions perfectly, way in the back of the shower outside from the direct stream of water. Halfway through my shower I noticed that the cube wasn't even fizzing so I brought it a little closer so that more water could splash on it. Still nothing! Then I remembered they were called steamers so I cranked the hot water way up scalding myself in hopes of creating more steam, but it still didn't work. Finally I scooped a little handful of water onto the cube and finally it started fizzing, but no smell. That is unless I was about three inches away from the cube I couldn't smell anything.

The next time I took a shower I moved the cube to the front of the shower on this little shelf so it could be closer to my nose and again I repeated dropping some water onto it. This finally got it to fizz but again I couldn't smell it unless I was leaning down right in front of it.

Then I thought maybe this was a conflict of smells with my shampoo and body wash and what not so the following shower I eliminated fragrances in my soaps, but surprise, I STILL couldn't smell it. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I spent a lot of time searching on the internet for different techniques and none of them seem to be working. There's also the possibility that I have a horrible sense of smell but I gave a cube to my mom to try and she reported no delightful rose scents either.

While there are many things I love about FCS I must give their shower steamers a thumbs down. Sadly this also gave me a poor impression on steamers in general and probably won't be something I will spend my money on again.

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