Friday, April 22, 2016

Travel Diary: A Magical Week

I'm still in a daze after my vacation, the first vacation I've taken in quite awhile and I'm definitely feeling a little sad to be back into the groove of the real world. If it wasn't clear before (though I'm not sure how that's possible) I just spent a week in LA with three days hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure and a day at Universal Studios. I loved every minute of it and each day I stayed at the park from open to close hitting 20,000 steps easily and now I have the stiffest ankles in the world, but it was all worth it. The original plan was to vlog this week however I was enjoying living in the moment and I really only have a handful of clips. I'm still going to stitch together what I have but I warn you now there isn't much reason or flow to it all so I'll try my best editing. What I do have is a decent amount of photos to share which I'm going to go ahead and dump here for memories sake.

Overall it was a really great trip and I think the timing was perfect. It was the first week of non peak pricing after everyone's spring breaks so the parks were fairly empty. We also took advantage of the single rider lines and barely having to use fast passes, we got to go on every ride that we wanted to at least twice. We were also able to snag pretty much front row seats for both the fireworks and parade and some pretty good ones for World of Color. I hope you enjoy all the memories I managed to capture on camera!

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