Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016 Favorites

This month has been a break through for my skin, I feel like the first time I've won the fight since I even started puberty so naturally this month of favorites is dedicated to just that. I have a handful of products to give recognition to which has allowed my skin to be the clearest it's been for a very long time. I hold my breath slightly saying this but I want to go as far as stating that even my clogged pore may be clearing up! That has been a sore spot on my cheek for a few years now and I'm in disbelief at the notion that it may be gone! It's worth it to now break each product down individually. There's also a few random favorites at the end to.

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder. This slightly yellow-green powder appears unassuming but this has been a wonderful secret to mattifying my skin. I'm still not 100% shine free which I don't believe is ever achievable but I'm pretty darn close thanks to this stuff! This stuff is soft, therefore it's messy. Probably my only complaint about this is that it's impossible to apply without getting powder everywhere. I like to pat the powder onto my skin and then buff it out with a kabuki brush. It doesn't go completely translucent, there is a slight white cast with it but I find that throughout the day as it's soaking up the oil it balances out and overall I'd rather have a slightly pale face than a greasy one. Besides fighting shine it's also suppose to help decongest pores and balance oil which I think it does fantastically. Two thumbs up for this.
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. This stuff is like a more powerful drying lotion that you need to shake up and apply. This I have also yet to find a clean way of applying it, I think I may try Q-tips next. When left alone, the white substance separates from the liquid so before use you need to shake vigorously to combine the two. This is used to quickly zap erupted acne and applied directly onto erupted areas. It is very thin and runny, and they suggest applying it with your fingers but that just makes a mess. However I find it very effective, practically banishing acne overnight and I also apply a thin layer to areas where I have larger pores and I find that it works well penetrating deep and flushing out all the gunk. It says it can be used daily but I use it every other day swapping out with the next product on the list.
Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum. I like that MB doesn't mess around with funky names, their products are clear and to the point. This is the product I use on the off days from the buffering lotion. As the name implies it is an anti acne serum that you apply to unerrupted areas on your face as a preventative measure. The worst thing to do with acne is to attack them daily with harsh chemicals that can over dry your skin so switching between the two lets the two different types of problem areas (erupted and unerrupted) take a break. This stuff is thick, so a little goes a long way. It won't irritate errupted skin either so sometimes I'll dab a little on some spots since a little salicylic acid doesn't harm nobody.
Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel. A powerful blend of glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, this is the last power player in my line up. This is used only twice a week after my serum and before whichever treatment happens to fall on that day. With this stuff I focus on my cheeks where my pores are the largest as well as areas that are acne prone. The results are pores that significantly cleaner making them appear smaller and just softer and smoother skin overall. This is a strong chemical exfoliant that just scrubs away congestion and it works like a charm on my skin.
Macadamia Oil Ultra Rich Moisture Masque. This is basically the "best of Ulta haul" favorites because I'm only just realizing that every single one of my favorites came from that HUGE haul last month. Has it been that long since I've picked up products?! Anyways. It's very unfortunate that I've fallen in love with a $50 hair mask. The original version of this stuff is fine to love because you can find it in many places for 50% off the retail price ($25 is much more reasonable to pay) but of course I just had to torture myself by trying this stuff. This is a travel size jar that still cost $12! When I first scooped up and used the product I didn't think I would like it. It was thick and dry making it difficult to disperse in my hair but once I let it sit and rinsed it out, wow my hair felt so luxurious and now I'm in trouble. My hair felt so full and soft while remaining light instead of weighed down, does that make sense? Either way, this stuff is fantastic and I'm hating myself for loving it.
Parissa Wax Strips. This is a strange one and without going into too many details $10 and the fact that you can reuse the strips about 5 times each, these are effective and I'm kind of a fan. If you were ever interested in at home waxing give these a try. No need to heat up a bowl of wax, the strips come prewaxed and the act of pressing them on your skin warms up the wax enough to cling onto the hair. It does take some practice to figure out the best technique so don't give up after a few failed attempts, keep trying!
Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer. Wow this stuff is cool. It's halfway between a powder and a cream bronzer. I found the best method was to use a sponge to draw out your contour and then go back with a slightly stiffer brush to buff it out. Just be warned that it's not so great in oily skin as it is more of a cream bronzer however I found that even though it promoted the grease, the product itself didn't budge all day. It's tricky for me to work with because of my skin type but I still love it because it just looks so great.

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