Friday, May 27, 2016

Current 5 Nail Favorites and 30 Day Mask Challenge Recap!

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Welcome to this slightly random post today. It's nearing the end of the month and I just realized I never put in an update on my mask challenge, but at the same time I really wanted to rave about some nail polishes. Naturally it made sense to just mash the two posts together for just one big post of random! As you can probably tell from my Nail of the Weeks lately, I've been very into the polish game. There are five polishes in particular that I find myself gravitating towards a lot so I think it was worth shouting them out individually.

  • OPI Alpine Snow. A lot of people talk about this creme finish white nail polish and finally after many failed attempts at finding a good white polish I finally picked this guy up. The hype is real. A perfect white manicure with just two coats! I didn't think it was possible at all. OPI also has great brushes so the control is just a dream, and the formula is to die for. If you're on the hunt for a good white nail polish I urge you to try Alpine Snow because it's just perfection in my book. This has been great for my designs that features bright colors on a white base coat as well as anything that needs a a larger flood of white.
  • Art Club Duo Pens. Forgive me for mislabeling these as Color Club for the longest time, the brand is actually ART Club. It says it right there on the bottle so I'm not sure who I messed that up. But these are those fabulous pen and striper thingies that I just rave over. The white one in particular has been crucial for so many of my designs. I typically use the pen, it's so useful for dotting and tracing since it's very easy to use. There's also great control over the amount of polish and it's very easy to grip. Highly recommend these, in fact I would say it takes away the need for stripers and dotting tools since there is such a range of colors. Currently I have four colors but I fully intend on growing that collection. I just need more inspiration of how I can incorporate other colors.
  • Essie Ladylike. Something else I've been on the hunt for is the perfect nude with a warmer undertone. I already have Sand Tropez for a more cool toned nude and then I met Ladylike which is almost a dead match for my skin tone. It's described as a mauve nude and it's a beautiful two coat beauty. This is great for a chic yet subtle manicure and makes a great base for some simple white designs on top. 
  • Spa Ritual It's Raining Men. I almost forgot I had this nail polish but for the last month or two it has had a permanent home on my toes. This beautiful pearl blue shimmer softly shifts through a pale gold and baby pink atop a light periwinkle base color. It's a colored neutral that blends well on the toes ideal for anytime of the year but especially great for this spring to summer transition time.
  • Seche Vite Top Coat. Well this isn't exactly a nail polish, it is, but it's not colored, but seeing as it's something I use every single time and I just am obsessed with I have to talk about it. This is seriously the best top coat out there. It dries insanely fast in which the polish isn't just dry to touch but it is actually hard. I can actually paint my nails before bed and wait just 5 minutes and go to sleep knowing that my nails won't get smudged or smeared. If you're going to go for this stuff though I recommend getting the Seche Revive drops too. It will fix the goopiness you will inevitably run into halfway through the bottle, and it was also give you more top coat to work with since mixing the two together makes a little big more polish.
And now for a quick update about the 30 Day Mask Challenge that I promised. So at the beginning of the month I decided to challenge myself with using a face mask every day this month but I'll just tell you right away that didn't quite work out. I found myself away from my mask collection for about half the month so I didn't quite hit every day. I did double up on some days, doing a sheet mask as well as a peel or clay mask so does that count? Everyday that I did find myself within access of my masks I did do it so I think I deserve partial credit.

What did this month do though? It really brought awareness to just how much masks I do have and rekindled my interest in sheet masks. They are just lovely and a great thing to just pop on before bed for an extra punch of goodness to my skin. Moving forward I really want to make a conscious effort to sheet mask everyday since it's one of those things you can't really overdo and seeing as I have over 100 sheet masks, I think it's fine to indulge a little. While I probably won't commit to a 30 day challenge again, I do want to make a conscious effort to use my face masks more and particularly to use them up before I buy more!

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