Friday, May 6, 2016

Fitness Friday!

April was a pretty good month, I only fell off the train towards the end of it but I put a pretty strong showing for most of it. I'm extremely proud of what I was able to accomplish, and the the vacation plus weekend adventures really helped to contribute to that.

So for this month I'm putting in the same goal that I've had for a few months now which is 42000 steps in a week or roughly 6000 steps in a day. I don't want to graduate to a higher goal until I can meet this goal again. April did give me some hope though, I was prepared to pull back to the lower goal of 5000 steps/35000 weekly because it was starting to get depressing. I had a lot of incentive to walk this past month so I want to see how I can do with a more regular month after a high achieving one. Anyways, let's take a look at April.

April 1st: 3412
April 2nd: 11630
April 3rd: 6004
Week Total: 21046/18000

April 4th: 7317
April 5th: 6184
April 6th: 6681
April 7th: 7440
April 8th: 4602
April 9th: 8026
April 10th: 10346
Week Total: 50596/42000

April 11th: 21071
April 12th: 20043
April 13th: 22336
April 14th: 11157
April 15th: 20548
April 16th: 5255
April 17th: 3832
Week Total: 104242/42000

April 18th: 10272
April 19th: 7187
April 20th: 11204
April 21st: 11324
April 22nd: 10356
April 23rd: 6050
April 24th: 7848
Week Total: 64241/42000

April 25th: 3366
April 26th: 3092
April 27th: 3092
April 28th: 10095
April 29th: 10573
April 30th: 6236
Week Total: 36454/36000

Water life is going great. Controlling my portions and knowing what is going into my lunches has help astronomically with the bloating. Overall I'm feeling less fluffy, even if visually you can't tell, I can tell just by the way my clothes are sitting and how I just feel that I have slimmed down a bit which is great!

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