Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday 5 Faves

Favorites favorites favorites! No not product favorites, just the usual monthly Friday 5 Faves. I have some strange ones this months, but of course I'll always lead off with my song favorite, so there's a constant. I guess it's worth mentioning that an unofficial favorite of mine has been nail art. I've been really into it and I think I'm getting a lot better at it! I realized any type of dot based designs I have a lot of control over and I'm really good so flowers, clouds, dots...all over it. Anyways, I digress.
  • Better Place by Rachel Platten. Such a light hearted and pleasant song to listen to, this tops it as my favorite for the moment. It's a song for every occasion really because it's just one of those uplifting and feel good songs. Very simple and straight forward, it's a song that expresses how the world is a better place with the addition of someone in it. It's a reminder that sometimes it just takes one person to brighten up your world. The music video debuted earlier this week and it's just precious.
  • Hard boiled eggs. So this definitely started from my Disney trip since I would eat an egg every morning for breakfast. Through college this was such a staple for me, a quick snack or supplement to lunch running between classes, just a hard boiled egg no salt no nothing. Lately I love just boiling up a pot of these things and snacking on one. Healthier than chips or the lemon drop candies I've been reaching for!
  • Grocery hauls on Youtube. This is a really weird one but lately I've been obsessed with watching grocery hauls on Youtube! I guess I just love seeing what other people get and it also inspires my own shopping. Already I see several things I want to pick up from Trader Joe's as well as an intense craving for a bag of sweet potatoes to fix up as lunches or sides.
  • Organizational things. Something I've been spending way too much money on lately is organizational items! I always love organizing and right now I'm tackling the kitchen. It's about 80% of the way there but picking up things such as turntables for spices, hooks for measuring spoons and scoops, as well as airtight cannisters to get the pantry under control has been such a joy for me. If anyone has tips on how to organize pots and pans and lids please let me know. Space is limited, ideally I would love to have a rack on the wall to hang this stuff but instead I just have one cabinet so it's been a particular challenge of what to do with lids so they're accessible but still out of the way.
  • Mario Badescu skincare. I've raved about it so long but I still need to shout it out again. That trio of magical skincare products (Enzyme Gel, Buffering Lotion, and Anti-Acne Serum) has been such a lifesaver for my skin and I'm still so hooked on them. I just love how clear and fabulous my skin is looking lately and how it stays that way. The visible improvement to my pores just because they are so much cleaner is mind blowing. Everyone's skin is different but if you've tried everything I suggest you pick up at least the Enzyme Gel and Buffering Lotion and see if that works out for you.

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