Monday, May 16, 2016

Nails of the Week #80: Pixar Up Inspired

Continuing on with bright and fun nails, it's been a challenge to work with this lighter colors but I'm really perfecting the skill of thin and even coats so that's a win. I'm also impressed with how many weeks I've managed to keep up the fun designs instead of just being boring with solid colors. This week features nails inspired by one of my favorite movies, Up! You know, that movie about the flying house with the balloons? If I was very skilled I would have drawn in the house too but I'm not quite to that level. The cloud nails actually remind me of Toy Story too, so I say these are just very Pixar nails.

I used SO many colors for this manicure because of the balloons and frankly it's hard to distinguish, let's start with the base coat. For the background of the balloons I used my new OPI in Alpine Snow for that white background. I felt that an accent nail with the balloons would stand out better with white and the balloon colors would be brighter versus sticking them onto a blue background too. For the blue nails I actually used a matte color Essie in Sea the Sights simply because these matte colors are easier to work with since they are a more opaque color that aren't as runny so it is much easier to achieve the look with fewer coats. The clouds were drawn on with my trusty Color Club Duo Pen in White. As for the balloons, I'm going to just list out the colors here: Essie in A List, Essie in Sunday Funday, Butter London in Cheeky Chops, Essie in The More the Merrier, Essie in Butler Please, and Essie in The Girls Are Out. The strings were drawn using the Color Club Duo Pen in Silver Glitter.

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