Friday, May 20, 2016

Things I've Bought Recently

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Now I remember why I don't read blogs, simply because it drives me to buy random things! This is especially bad when it comes to subscription boxes, I'll just be perusing my blog feed and something will catch my eye and suddenly I'm $500 poorer drowning in a sea of boxes. Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point. Reflecting back on some of my purchases, it's a little ridiculous, so naturally I decided this would be a great blog post and possibly entice someone else to buy into these silly little things I've picked up recently.

  • Barkbox Subscription with Extra Toy Club. I thought long and hard on this and finally committed to a year of Barkbox because of this Groupon deal.I've always liked Barkbox, they sent good toys and treats but my little fluffy dog is quite a picky eater who also doesn't play with toys. My two bigger dogs love toys and goes through them like crazy so a doggy subscription box for them makes sense. Previously they had another box that sadly shut down but once I saw this deal that costs around $21.50 per month with the membership to the extra toy club, I was sold. The basic membership comes with 4-6 items, so with the extra toy club that means 5-7 items per month making it a great deal!
  • Harry Potter One Time Box. Seriously though, this is why I don't read blogs! Somehow I found myself on the check out page for this Harry Potter box. The spoilers stated that each box comes with that lovely 'Always' mug which somehow I convinced myself that I just HAD to have and then also a Harry Potter t-shirt, so here we are. The boxes aren't sold out and they don't ship until the end of June so if you're interested make sure to go pick one up!
  • Be The Unicorn Makeup Bag. And this, I'm not sure how this happened but I'm now the proud owner of a unicorn makeup bag. This came from the realization that I've been using all the bags that come free with purchases or my old Ipsy bags, so I didn't really have one bag that would just fit everything. So here we have it. I do love Etsy though, you can find just about anything on it!
  • Mystery Bliss Grab Bag. Again blogs. But I actually liked these so much that I picked up another three that are due to come in next week. These particular bags are mixtures of things featured in previous boxes, and the Hello Bliss subscription itself is a collection of items from Etsy sellers. A sampling of items I received from the first batch of grab bags included bracelets, Baggu bags, lotions, soaps, candy, clothespins, and prints.
  • Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs. We love CAH, it's a great game to play at parties. Anytime I get notified that there are new expansion packs I like to pick them up. Sadly I missed out on the Trump pack which had a limited 10,000 pack release, but I was able to pick up the re-release of the Geek and Jew packs (hey, I don't make the names). I'm hoping they will re-release the Trump pack for sure.
  • GLAMGLOW Masks. Seriously, no more blog reading I'm going bankrupt here! Check out this blog post here but the gist of it is that the Glamglow webiste is having a site wide BOGO (a few exclusions) from now through the 23rd. Regularly a single mask is $69 so being able to get two for that price is quite a steal. Now $34.50 still seems ridiculous for a little over an ounce of product but anyone who has used Glamglow knows that these things are AMAZING. I picked up the brightening and the skin clearing masks, the two in the line I haven't tried yet and what I've been most interested in trying. There are rave reviews about both, and the skin clearing one can even be used as an overnight spot treatment. Sign me up!

There's also been a plethora of items off Amazon but they were less of a whim and more of a necessity such as kitchen organizational items and tools as well as dog harnesses and leashes. I'm going to list some of them, but not all of them since things like wooden spoons and organizational bins are just not that interesting.

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer. Well this just looks nifty to start with. I like that it juices, separates out the seeds, mesaures, and can also pour. I mean I could have just went with a simple hand juicer but I like that this is all self contained to catch the juice so I don't need to get out an additional bowl or measuring cup if this was a more precise maneuver.
Spiral Slicer Spiralizer. I've been wanting one of these for awhile after watching countless episodes of Chopped and I finally did it. There are fancier ones out there but I like this original design that's a little more space conscious. The idea is to stick in a vegetable and twist it around to cut out veggie noodles. I'm especially interested in putting potatoes and yams into this as I've seen some intriguing recipes. One day I'll try the zucchini noodles which is the original concept even though I'm not a fan of those vegetables.
Now Designs Takenoko Garlic Keeper. So this is coming in my latest Amazon order and because of this guy I'm currently getting a delivery in October estimate. Hopefully this means everything else will ship out and just this guy will come in October because otherwise I'm seriously regretting this. I just love the design of this garlic keeper, simple and mountable to get it off the counters. It's also spacious, the average seems to be 3 bulbs in there. I swear when I was looking at this before the delivery date wasn't nearly so ridiculous, they must have just sold out of it.
Pro-Mart DAZZ Kitchen Storage Helper Shelf. Genius idea here with helper shelves! This has quite literally doubled my storage space in cabinets and I can proudly say that my tupperware section is meticulously organized. Basically these fit into cabinets to provide an extra shelf within a shelf space. Now it's so much better stacking plates because I can group similar plates together and set them on different shelves make them much more accessible. It also really helped me organize all the drinking glasses separating the regular size ones with the half sized ones.
16 oz. Olive Oil Bottle Set. Another fun purchase is that olive bottle set. I know this is probably suppose to be for the table but I put them next to the stove so it's a lot easier to cook with the oil. I love the spout so you just pick it up and go. No more pulling heavy bottles out of the pantry for this, it's one fluid motion to add a splash of oil into the pan.
Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life Tea. The last thing I wanted to mention is this fantastic tea. Yogi teas in general are my favorite, but this one is my absolute favorite flavor. It's just warm and not too sweet, in general perfect for any time of the year. It tastes mostly like apples to me with those warm caramel and spice notes in the background. I like to add a bit of agave nectar in it to bring out the sweetness of the tea.

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