Friday, June 3, 2016

Fitness Friday!

Completely killed it in May. Except for one tragic day where my Fitbit died at the beginning of the day and I couldn't charge it until the end of the day, I completely demolished my step goal each day. While we're on that topic, does that ever happen to people? This is probably the third time I was convinced my Fitbit just completely died on me. It had been fully charged the night before and for some reason in the morning the battery was just completely drained. No warning email or anything to let me know! You can imagine I spent a day freaking out between the thought of having to buy a new Fitbit, what it would mean for my step challenge, and whether or not the account was transferable to a new device since I wasn't going to go and hunt down all my friends again. Alas it worked out and here we are, one unnecessarily long story later.

Anyways, so I think for June I can finally step it up (hah) and strive for 45,500 steps per week or roughly 6,500 steps a day. After two successful months of my previous goal I'm confident I can meet this new goal, or at least come close. I mean it did take quite a few months to get there but I'm not sneezing at my accomplishments. On top of that I've also downloaded a 30 Day Sit Up Challenge app on my phone, so this is the first month I will attempt to follow that. It's like those images that float around on Pinterest but it's portable in your phone as an app. I'm not confident I can do this perfectly the first time, but I thought it would be fun to throw something new in. Anyways, let's take a look at the number break down of steps from May. The Monday through Sunday week worked out kind of awkwardly this month causing the first "week" to be 8 days and the last to be 9, but that's fine!

May 1st: 5915
May 2nd: 935
May 3rd: 8171
May 4th: 6489
May 5th: 8514
May 6th: 6889
May 7th: 7467
May 8th: 10314
Total: 54,694/48,000

May 9th: 6028
May 10th: 6195
May 11th: 7013
May 12th: 7331
May 13th: 4170
May 14th: 6513
May 15th: 7425
Total: 44,675/42,000

May 16th: 10010
May 17th: 6363
May 18th: 8105
May 19th: 6573
May 20th: 7462
May 21st: 11658
May 22nd: 6329
Total: 56,600/42,000

May 23rd: 6145
May 24th: 6091
May 25th: 7248
May 26th: 10281
May 27th: 6499
May 28th: 7199
May 29th: 7386
May 30th: 6614
May 31st: 6357
Total: 63820/54,000

Water front, I'm killing it. May was just a very successful month. I'm noticing I'm less bloated and therefore looking slimmer all around which is just great. I've been fighting the snacking urges and reaching for some water everytime I feel the urge to snack on something and doing that has helped curb my cravings. Also the extra trips to the bathroom is giving me steps so I can't complain there either.

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